Monday, July 8, 2013

I Need a Vacation or Maybe Just Some Resort Wear

A beautiful Collette Dinnigan dress

This is the time of year that everyone is taking vacations. Business is slow, the kids are out of school and the weather is warm, why not go out and make the best of a great situation. I see a lot of photos of exotic and not so exotic places and this makes me long for a little vacation of my own. Unfortunately it’s not in the cards this summer. This has me thinking about resort wear and how it came about in the American vernacular.


Of course it starts out with money. Those who have money were able to escape the cold winters and go on cruises or vacations in warmer climates. This gave upscale stores a reason to stock light clothing, swimsuits and evening wear specific to these shoppers needs. As cruise pricing became lower and vacations became more obtainable for many it just came to describe any clothing that had a relaxed style.


Light and bright defines resort wear
The wonderful thing about resort wear is the casual style and light materials. It is perfect for summer even if you’re not leaving your hometown. It is also the clothes you think of first when packing. The material is easy care, durable and doesn’t need ironing. That is a bonus when the days start off sweltering, who wants to drag out an iron and tackle that chore?


I’m hopeful that I will get some time off and be able to go see some sights. Maybe a daytrip or two are better suited for my life right now. A drive to Half Moon Bay or maybe Pescadero when the days get too hot, and I can always drive over to the city, San Francisco, for a day and maybe have lunch at Cliff House. Feeling the need to travel and not just for my work.
Stunning whites by Christian Dior

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