Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Describing an On-line Product


On-line stores are everywhere. The internet is a vast ocean of stores with catchy names and unique products. I know many women who have reached a certain age and have decided to go into business. Many make amazing jewelry, soaps and candles, but are afraid in today’s economy to make the jump to a retail location. The overhead can quickly eat up your working capital.


Are these amber earrings or amber earrings with sparkling facets that catch the sunlight?
This is why on-line stores are so popular. The daily overhead is kept to a minimum. If you’re computer savvy or know someone you can construct an impressive store where customers can order your products on-line and you ship to them. It’s a great way to test the waters and to see if that hobby of quilt making can really translate into cash. Since an on-line store isn’t physical you have to be able to describe your products eloquently.


Is drusy interesting or organic with a rugged appeal?
Describing a product isn’t as easy as many people think. I’ve seen ads were a bar of homemade soap is basically a list of ingredients and size. While this information is important you need to add some character to make your soap stand out from the sudsy crowd. How does the soap look, describe the color, feel, smell both dry and wet. How will the soap make the customer feel after using it, refreshed, clean, smooth or fragrant? Remember to use verbs and adverbs in your sentences. The soap won’t just make you feel refreshed, but magnificently refreshing and amazingly clean.

Is this a gold watch or an intricately crafted gold watch with skeleton face and rope edge finish?
Yes, these can make a sentence seem silly or overblown but you are describing a product that you want someone to buy. You have to give them incentive to want to buy. An accurate description of a product also makes it clear that you know what you are selling. You only get one chance to show your product when a potential customer clicks on an item on your website, make it count. Tell them what they need to know and also what they want to know. The more information a customer has the better they can make a decision to buy your product.

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