Friday, July 12, 2013

Creative Jewelry Storage

Felt lined jewelry tray

Having a place to put your jewelry when you’re not wearing it can always be a problem. If you throw your necklaces in a drawer of a jewelry box they can get tangled. Rings can end up bumping up against each other and scratching the metal surfaces. Earrings can get separated from their backing or simply go missing. Even inexpensive jewelry should have care.


A creative way to hang jewelry
Necklaces are notorious for getting tangled. The best way to store an inexpensive necklace is by hanging it. Small hooks placed in your closet or on a wall in your bedroom make it easy for you to hang a necklace. Artful hooks and hangers allow you to not only see your necklace collection but make sparkly decorations for your bedroom or dressing room. In a pinch I’ve used the knobs on my lingerie chest to hang necklaces temporarily. This is a great place to assemble an outfit.


Add some color to your bedroom
Many people use a cutlery tray to store their costume jewelry. There are multiple compartments that keep jewelry separated so things don’t get scratched or tangled. Make the tray cute and color coordinated by cutting colored felt to fit the inside of each compartment and gluing it down. Not only will the felt keep your jewelry protected it adds a little color blocking pizazz.


Bosign branch hangers for your wall
You can also get super creative and take a wooden cutlery tray, paint it to match your room, add some hooks inside each compartment and hang it on your wall. Your jewelry will become a unique framed piece of art. No matter which way you go taking the time to care for your jewelry is important and keeps all your pieces looking their best so you will get years of wearing pleasure.
Your jewelry as art

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  1. I love all of the unique ideas! I used to use a kitchen drawer organizer in the bathroom for all of my necklaces! Worked really well and easily fit into a drawer! :)