Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cleaning Your Jewelry

Clean jewelry really shines

Since I wrote about wearing jewelry to the beach or pool yesterday I thought I would follow up with some cleaning tips. One of the most important things you can do to help preserve your jewelry is to clean it properly. The other is storage but we’re going to focus on cleaning today. After a harsh day at the beach or pool I said it was important to clean your jewelry so here it goes.


Clean pearls with a cloth after wearing
Cleaning jewelry is generally easy but at times it can get tricky. First off never clean pearls in ultrasonic cleaners or use soap or any other types of jewelry cleaner. A soft cloth to wipe any dirt from them is all you need. Pearls are probably the easiest jewelry in that wearing them doesn’t harm them as much as wearing metal. Pearls are soft but respond well to our natural oils.


A soft brush cleans stubborn dirt
Gemstones that are hard or diamonds can take a cleaning. An ultrasonic cleaner with mild soap or jewelry cleaner will remove scum that can get into the underside of the setting. For stubborn dirt use a very soft toothbrush or jewelry cleaning brush. Always go with tools that are designed for jewelry cleaning as opposed to generic brushes which can scratch. Always rinse the jewelry well with clean water when done.


An ultrasonic cleaner can get dirt out of tight spaces
Remember silver scratches easily so be gentle. A jewelry polishing cloth designed to clean then polish metal is a good investment. They really aren’t too expensive and you can find them at craft stores or on-line. A good polishing cloth can work wonders on silver or gold. They can remove fine scratches and add luster. When in doubt, go to a local jewelry store and browse. They may offer to clean your jewelry while you shop. It only takes a minute and your jewelry will sparkle when they’re done and all for free.
A cleaning cloth has two different materials perfect for cleaning and polishing

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