Friday, July 26, 2013

Can Shorts be Chic?

If Victoria Beckman can do it, so can we

As the summer weather heats up many turn to shorts to keep cool. As a youngster I didn’t worry about how short my shorts were, I put on shorts and sandals and was done. Now that I’m older I have to be careful about the image my shorts will project. Wearing shorts while pursuing some outdoorsy recreation isn’t the problem, it’s wearing shorts while sightseeing or going out and about that can be tricky.


Keep it structured
The first lady got a lot of flak for wearing shorts while on vacation so I guess there is a lot of negativity associated with wearing shorts after a certain age, even if you’re sightseeing. When wearing shorts it’s important to remember a few key issues. Keep it neat, a sloppy short with a sloppy t-shirt only looks good on a kid and even then it’s questionable. Find shorts that are tailored, linen or twill in fun colors look great and if you do go with denim or khaki always have a finished or rolled hem.


Long sleeves with short short, short sleeves with long shorts
If the shorts are very short, wear a long sleeved shirt. Remember not to show too much skin and keep everything in proportion. Shoes are another important element. You want to emphasize your legs and make them appear as long as possible. While you might think heels, it doesn’t always click once you get older. Try a wedge sandal in rope or rattan, it will add length, make your legs look incredible and keeps a casual air. If you're going for a more dressy look, a leather wedge with cutouts are super cute.


Add tights and a scarf and this outfit transitions to fall
To keep things polished, try a jacket or sweater. The accessories you use are very important. Adding a linen blazer with three quarter sleeves over a light camisole looks tailored and neat. Never let your bra straps show, it looks cheap. Pair your wedge sandals with a structured handbag and a few pieces of jewelry. A long necklace or a few bohemian beads give a nice finishing touch. Anyone can wear shorts after a certain age and with a few careful choices they can look super chic.
A long vest and bright shorts are a sure hit

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