Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Picture Says a Thousand Words


I’ve probably mangled the quote but it is true that pictures tell us a lot. In regards to on-line stores pictures say just about everything. If you don’t have a good picture of the product people will have no idea what you are trying to sell. While a description of a product is essential, having a picture is critical. I can guarantee that few if anyone will buy a product sight unseen; although I’m sure someone would I’m not one of them.


Pictures are important in that they show exactly what you are selling. You can use stock photos and many websites do, but it doesn’t always convey the right message. Many people set up websites, use stock photos and even drop ship their products from the warehouse. There is nothing wrong with this strategy except it can be off putting to some consumers. Some consumers like to analyze which is super easy on the internet.


People like the seller to give the impression that they actually have the product in stock. A photograph taken by you of the product shows that at the very least, you had one. Additionally, stock photos can be used by everyone, your own photos can give a unique view of the product that no one else has with their stock photo. This will give you an advantage because you can show different angles or close up shots. The more detail the better.


There is so much competition on the internet. There are thousands of websites selling the same thing and somehow you have to get your site to the top. If someone is buying a watch they will probably shop around, it’s easy on the internet. If your pictures are better than everyone else’s the consumer might buy from you and not them. It only takes a little time and you don’t have to have tons of pictures because a really good picture tells the consumer exactly why they should buy from you.

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