Friday, June 21, 2013

Zombies are Popular


The concept of a zombie is not new. George Romero’s original “Night of the Living Dead” in black and white scared everyone who watched it. Since then there has been a multitude of remakes and original films, TV shows, comic books and even novels written about the zombie apocalypse. Zombies have become so popular that they inspire clothing and events.


There are zombie walks for charity organizations. Participants dress as zombies and walk, just like a breast cancer walk, for a designated charity. Ironically the city of Brisbane hosted a zombie walk for the Brain Foundation of Australia back in 2012 and raised $55,000.00. Get it…brains…zombie walk. The popularity of zombies has turned charity walks into pub crawls. Same costume but instead the zombies get to visit bars along the route.


Just as vampires inspired books and movies, zombies have done the same. AMC’s The Walking Dead is on hiatus right now but that doesn’t slow its popularity. There are comic books, t-shirts and other items to keep us interested. I’ve never been a fan of licensed material for the store but we did purchase some items featuring The Walking Dead. So far so good and I’m actually a little surprised at how popular these items have been.


We recently sold a belt to a customer in Germany. We’re also on our second order of these items as we sold out of the first round. They are kind of cool and I did have to admit I had some fun writing the ads. It’s not often you get to us words like “blood spatter” in a sentence. If you’re a fan check out the items, or if you know a fan, show them our link. You might find some cool zombie stuff.

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