Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Women's Watches


I’ve gotten in the habit over the years to wear a watch whenever I leave the house. My husband who has a large collection of watches wears one on some occasions and not others. There are times when he goes somewhere and doesn’t wear a watch. He just keeps time with his cell phone although with many people that is changing, especially men. Men’s watches are now a fashion statement. There has been a huge increase in men wearing watches so I wonder if this will affect women.


Since I’ve always worn a watch I don’t know if there will be an increase in need for women’s watches. If women have been wearing watches all along as a fashion statement as well as a time keeping piece, which makes sense, there might be no net gain in sales. This might not be accurate because women do like to be fashionable and jewelry and functional jewelry like a watch is an easy and practical item to change up.


It comes in back with numbers
Watches come in all shapes and sizes. With the popularity of ceramic material in watches, color has been added. Colorful faces, bezels and bands with patterns are all popular. The warmer weather of summer also allows for the introduction of fun colors with our outfits. Many watches are inexpensive, $30 or under and technology has allowed the quartz watch to keep very good time. Gone are the days when a fashion watch was only fashionable.


I still consider myself conservative when I dress and even though a watch may only cost $30 I still want to be able to wear it with multiple outfits. I stick to silver or gold mostly but I did find a black watch with crystals that is quite attractive. I will be putting these up in my store as soon as I can get some pictures taken. Not an easy task. If these are a hit I might consider some colored bands or maybe white ceramic. I’m starting to understand why guys like their watches so much.
Also comes in gold with a gold face, no numbers

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