Thursday, June 27, 2013

Why Did I Buy a Square Ended Belt?

This is what I bought

This may seem like a trivial problem but never buy a belt with a blunt square end. I needed a belt and I found one for not much money at JC Penney. It was leather, simple and fit a slightly larger sized belt loop. Nothing looks worse than a skinny belt in some large belt loops. It was a nice shade of brown and went with a lot that I own. I also don’t buy belts everyday so this was a purchase that had to stick.


Unfortunately I didn’t try on the belt when I bought it and found out after the fact that the blunt squared off end makes it really hard to push through the belt loops. It fits just perfectly with no room to spare so getting it through that last one that’s doubled up is sometimes a little bit of a challenge. Not really a big issue except when I’m in a hurry.


This is how it should be
It’s the little things in life that can suck all of our spare time away. Finding the right belt to go with those pants, wanting to wear a shirt that needs ironing, figuring out at the last minute you need to wear a camisole under that blouse and all your black camisoles are in the laundry. All of these things seem to culminate on days when I don’t have any time which is just about every day lately.


It’s funny how a little square ended belt got me thinking about all this. It seems as if I spend an enormous amount of time getting dressed everyday. I actually plan my outfits even though it may not always look like I do. You would think with so much planning I would have it figured out, but I don't and I probably never will. Strange and random thoughts for today.

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