Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Fashion Critic

Tim Gunn gives us his opinion of celebrity fashion

A critic is a person who analyzes, evaluates and then gives a reasonable opinion about a subject by rendering a judgment. They express their opinion about the value, truth, beauty or technique. At least this is how Merriam-Webster defines critic and I’m paraphrasing here. Apparently at one time fashion critics gave their opinions about fashion and the New Yorker had a fashion critic in house to write about clothing and designers in the 1970s.


Today there are many bloggers who perform this task for free. This is probably why major magazines have gotten away from a paid staff writer. There are also plenty of magazines who feature designer’s collections in print. If you give a bad review I’m sure this designer will refuse any association and some designers have become so popular and powerful no one wants to offend.


Never do anything silly if you're a celebrity, sorry Matthew
It seems as if fashion critics have shifted their attentions to casting aspersions on popular celebrities. Who was hot and who was not is a common article subject for those gracing the red carpet. Paparazzi follow celebrities around and show us their outfits for going to the gym, getting coffee with their friends and even what they wore while dropping their kids off at school. I’m not sure this is a fair evaluation as who would want to be this closely scrutinized.


I know that personally there are many moments when I’m not fit to be seen in public. I would hate to be watched this closely. The fashion critic needs to shift their focus back to those who provide us with the clothes as opposed to those who wear them. How and why a particular fashion becomes popular is secondary to the fact that someone designed it, made it and then sold it to us. Marketing is sometimes the key to our cultural preferences and a good critic should point this out.
Lindsay Lohan, the queen of the hot mess

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