Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Color Coral

Coral bead are beautiful

Nothing says summer like the color coral. It’s not really orange and it’s not really red, it’s a color all its own which reminds me of the tropics. It looks particularly good with white and that’s a color that is definitely summertime. The problem with coral is it doesn’t love me. I look particularly bad in coral and can’t wear it anywhere near my face. This is unless of course I want to look like the walking dead.


Coral can add a punch of color to an otherwise boring outfit. It looks really good with white and also makes beige and taupe come to life. White skinny jeans, strappy sandals and a silk coral tunic, or maybe a beige skirt with a coral blouse will work well. It can also jazz up denim which is not only a staple of the casual world but summertime as well.


Love this tunic with white leggings
Since I really can’t wear coral I’m thinking that I can get away with it as an accent. Think coral colored purse or clutch, shoes or maybe a coral bracelet. I’m not sure if I can get away with wearing coral colored earrings or a necklace although this is a wonderful way to get that pop of color when you’re wearing white, black or beige head to toe. Even a winter color like black can benefit from jewelry and accessories in a bright coral.


So for now I’m thinking maybe a pair of cute coral colored flats. They will look good with my navy handbag and give my jeans a little lift. Whenever you’re feeling down in the dumps think of a bright color and wear it. It’s hard to stay low for long when you’re wearing coral. Coral is the color of the sunset on a tropical beach, long lazy summer days and while vibrant it exudes calm, a great color for summer.
Light and breezy flats

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