Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ridiculous Leggings

I think cat faces staring out at me from your legs is creepy

I’m going on record right now to say that I love leggings. They’re comfortable, fashionable and not super expensive. You can wear them during the day and then out for a night on the town. I usually stick to basic solid colors such as black, navy and white. I always wear something longer and loose on top and I don’t wear them in an office situation. Now there are people who are trying to ruin it all.


There are leggings coming onto the market that are absolutely ridiculous. They appear to be some type of art print style of leggings. Those who are marketing them believe them to an artistic expression, different and avant garde. I’m finding them to be quite ugly. Only the slimmest of the slim can wear leggings with a wild print all over them. Unusual patterns will add pounds and I don’t think this is the point of leggings.


So who would look slim in these monstrosities?
It kind of irks me that someone has taken something so wonderful in the world of fashion and turned it into a caricature of itself. It really isn’t fair. If leggings keep getting weirder and weirder pretty soon it will be considered a fashion faux pas. I really don’t want this to happen. Right now leggings are one of those garments that are socially acceptable yet as comfortable as a pair of sweat pants. There aren’t many garments that can do that.


So today I would like to say to all those artistic types to please “lay off.” Leggings don’t need to be different, colorful or even a fashion statement. They need to be just what they are, a versatile basic covering for our legs that can be worn with oxfords, flats or stilettos. That go to garment when you know you want to be super comfortable but actually care about what you look like. I love my leggings so who’s with me in protesting weird patterns on legging? Join the revolt against these creepy cousins of my favorite garment, I appreciate your support.
You can wear these to an anatomy class

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