Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nothing is Happening in the World of Fashion

Will Dolce and Gabbana go to jail?

Is it just me or is nothing happening in the world of fashion? Things have been incredibly slow. Yes there has been the conviction of Dolce and Gabbana for tax evasion but that is a case that will be going around for years. Either everyone is on vacation or they’re all recovering from the various tradeshows, fashion shows and the like. It’s also that time of year when people seem to have bigger fish to fry.


While I don’t have plans to take a cruise around the world I do have things that need to be done. Tradeshows are a great opportunity to meet new vendors but once you place an order it does take time to receive that order. All at once things begin arriving at the store and you have to figure out where to put them, check them in and get them set up. Since we have an on-line store we take photographs and write ads as well.


I write most if not all of our ads and sometimes it is very hard to describe a piece of jewelry or a watch. If you’re experiencing writer’s block you can sit at a computer for hours staring a piece trying to figure out the right combination of exciting wording yet descriptive phrases. Try it sometime, it’s not so easy. It seems as if there are only so many ways to describe a pair of drop earrings.


This could be why there doesn’t seem to be as much fashion news. Everyone has shown their collection. We’ve all found our likes and dislikes; we’ve made our purchases and displayed our wares. Things are generally slower this time of year. Families are on vacation, kids are out of school and graduations are over. There are few big holidays and only weddings seem to be on the horizon. Sometimes it’s nice to take a breather.
Maybe I'll go watch a sunset

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