Friday, June 14, 2013

How to Wear a Skirt with Tennis Shoes

I like this look for hot days

Wearing a skirt with tennis shoes is kind of a preppy thing. It goes way back and it’s a look that I not only like but wear myself. I’m not a big shorts person and with summer on the way there are times when wearing a pair of pants is not only impractical, it’s suffocating. This is when a skirt comes in handy.


The best skirt for this look is not too short, no minis, and not too long. The skirt should hit about five inches above your knee. You want to feel comfortable sitting in a chair in a public place, a shorter skirt can ride up. I personally like a straight cut skirt, no pleats, no frills; I want the skirt to sit close to my thighs, but not too tight. A denim skirt works really well, but a plaid or floral pattern works equally well.


This oxford skirt can be worn tucked in or not for a more casual feel
The shirt should be tailored and have a collar. You can go long sleeves, short sleeves, three quarter or no sleeves. I like the feel of the slightly serious collared shirt paired with tennis shoes. The color of the shirt shouldn’t matter as long as it’s a solid, no floral or wild prints, even if your skirt is a solid color. I prefer a crisp white shirt but picking a color from a print skirt and pulling that out in your shirt makes a great look.


The tennis shoes are the most important. No athletic shoes, no high tops and nothing too chunky, also no socks. Yes I’ve seen these shoes with skirts, even minis, but women of a certain age, me included look pretty stupid when we wear these style of tennis shoes with a skirt. Remember the 80s when women commuted to work in tennis shoes, we’re not going for this look. You want simple oxford style tennis shoes, Keds makes a great pair and their canvas version is only $40. You can go with any color as many companies are getting creative. When the weather gets hot, I’ll be wearing a skirt with tennis shoes.
Classic Keds come in black, white or other colors $40 at

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