Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Elements of Style


Depending on who you ask, everyone has style, and it’s probably true. Everyone should have their own way of expressing themselves. This is what style is all about, how our inner self is expressed to the world. Now the important thing to remember is style may have very little to do with good taste. Case in point, the Steampunk Darth Vadar Victorian dress that I recently saw on the internet was not in good taste. While this outfit may have loads of style, I’m not sure it would rank too high in other areas.


I like to think of good taste has those things that stand the test of time. While watching any Alfred Hitchcock movie you will notice rooms that are decorated in good taste. North by Northwest had many sets that were classically decorated and with only a few small changes be used in any home today. Interior design is not the only style that can stand the test of time. Classic cultured pearls have been sold and worn for decades, maybe even centuries. Jewelry can and does have classic styles.


Not only is Cary Grant classic, so is the room's décor
Fashion is a bit hard to define. Fads come and go and super faddish clothing can really look dated. Go back and look at photos from the 80s and 90s and you will see a group of people who thought they were the height of fashion and now they just look weird. In fact we all look out of date from time to time. This is the problem with style and fashion, it’s fickle. Many women don’t want to invest in expensive jewelry for just such a reason. They want to be fashionable and trendy but have a limited budget.


To make sure you’re fashionable but not too trendy always consider what impress this outfit or piece will make in five years, ten years or even fifteen years. Is this outfit too dramatic? Does it fit my personality today or in general? If I’m making a big investment in price will I be able to wear it till it falls apart? Will I be able to pass this piece of jewelry on to a child, will they wear it once they receive it? Not everything should last forever or stand the test of time; you just want to make sure that no one used your fashion decisions as blackmail later in life. Family has a way of posting old photos on Facebook.
Introduced by Diane von Furstenberg in the 70s, this style is still popular today

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