Friday, June 28, 2013

Dressing up Denim

The total look

Denim jeans are a mainstay of every wardrobe. A really cute look for denim is dressing it up. There is something about the juxtaposition of casual almost bum like denim and fine fabrics like silk or jersey. That rough aspect right up against something soft and elegant. Some of the younger crowd likes to wear silk blouses with distressed denim shorts, I’m not that daring.


Mango Jeans
I like the look of distressed denim or actually any denim against a silk blouse. White is my preferred color, especially for summer. I love to wear the blouse un-tucked and unfussy. Tunic length silk blouses look great with skinny jeans but a long sleeved conservative blouse looks equally great, maybe try a tailored jeans.


White silk sleeveless blouse
Since summer is here you can show off that pedicure in some sandals. A slight heel adds some elegance, just stay away from a pump. You want the sandal to be strappy and with a heel, maybe something a little daring. Slimmer styled jeans can be rolled up to show off those shoes. Ankle straps are really hot right now and look perfect with jeans.


Pick your color
To make the entire outfit really click you might want to add some bangles or maybe a bold cuff. A solid sturdy cuff makes a wonderful accent piece and can be worn during the day or out on the town. Hammered metal, intricate patterns or just a plain shiny cuff is what you’re looking for; it doesn’t have to be expensive so shop for costume jewelry if you feel like it. Have some fun, its summer after all.

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