Thursday, June 6, 2013

Does Anyone Remember the Oxford?

Cole Haan oxford in baby blue

When I was in high school the oxford or saddle shoe came around in popularity again. No I’m not old enough to have worn poodle skirts and saddle shoes the first time, notice I said "again.". It was a popular look with jeans that were tapered and classic white button down shirts. It was a classic look that is coming back into style today. Cole Haan is currently marketing the oxford but with updates and bright colors for both men and women.


Now that a slim jean is back in style the oxford shoe fits perfectly. While some like the oxford that is classic, thick soled, wide styling and generally a heavier looking version, I prefer the slimmer styled oxford. Those with soles that looks almost nonexistent, tight to the foot. We’ve probably all seen this style. It resembles a ballet flat but an oxford with laces. I think the thinner models are more ladylike and differentiate themselves from the men’s models.


A cute way to wear an oxford shoe
That’s the thing about oxfords; it’s kind of a unisex shoe. Other than tennis shoes and bowling shoes, I’m not too sure there are too many unisex shoes on the market. The fact that an oxford is unisex is also a clue as how to dress it. You want to wear slight menswear styled clothing. Jeans with a blazer, slacks with a button down shirt, even a short skirt looks cute as long as you add in a little menswear. Maybe a navy skirt with a plaid shirt would look cute.


I’ve also noticed that this newer style of oxford is worn sans socks. A skinnier jean or slack that ends at or near the ankle seems to be the pants of choice. Most are not worn with socks and look best if you show a little expanse of skin at the ankle. Kind of a lighter look, this way we can get away with not having a perfect pedicure and still keep it a little cooler. It’s a great transition shoe and can be worn equally well for a day trip as well as going to the office. Oxfords are serious shoes they just don’t want to be taken seriously.
Love these Not Rated ivory oxfords

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