Monday, June 24, 2013

Are White Shoes Tacky?

Yes, you can classify these as tacky

This can be one of those, “it depends” situations. I’m sure that white shoes can be tacky, it probably all depends on the shoe. Now that summer is officially here people will be breaking out their white shoes. Most of us will be dressing lighter and brighter and nothing goes better with a light look than a pair of white shoes.


There are a few rules on wearing white shoes. Unless they’re a pair of tennis shoes, don't wear anything that reminds you of your Grandma. This means no orthopedic shoes. This is probably the number one reason that white shoes get a bad rap. They look like something that only someone in the geriatric crowd would wear on a cruise. That statement is not meant to cast aspersions on older women who are on cruise ships.


A classic pump is never tacky, Dolores by Joe's Jeans
White shoes look especially good with light or all white outfits. Think Sharon Stone in Basic Instincts. She wore head to toe white and actually looked hot. A beautiful white skirt, blouse combination or maybe a white or very light colored suit looks fabulous not frumpy with a pair of high heeled white pumps. Keep it elegant and sleek and no one will think your white shoes are tacky.


For a simpler more casual look, think a summer sundress with a pair of strappy sandals. Nothing says summer like sandals and if you keep them light and strappy you will never think of them as tacky. You can also add a little bling on those sandals, but keep it tasteful, no large fabric flowers. So the next time you think about buying a pair of white shoes go for it. Just remember that not all white shoes are created equal.
A strappy sandal is cute, Madonna Sobe by Truth or Dare


  1. I actually LOVE a white strappy sandal with a little bling. Other than that, I'm not much for white shoes.

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