Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A New Handbag

I finally bought it

For quite some time I’ve been purse shopping. I was looking for a navy handbag to take the place of my well-worn black handbag. Now that the weather is getting a little warmer it seemed silly to wear a black handbag and frankly I wanted to shake things up a little bit. Colored handbags are quite hot this summer and who doesn’t want to be on trend? While I love colors I was reluctant to spend large sums of money on something too colorful.


My solution was the navy handbag; it would be my summer black. I looked at other brighter colors but couldn’t pull the trigger when it came to yellow, sky blue or even peach. They were beautiful they just weren’t me. I did see a stunning pearl gray at Michael Kors but vetoed this handbag due to price and the wintery aspects of the color gray.


How I can wear it
The handbag I eventually chose was from Dooney & Bourke, of course, and was in Florentine leather. The unique aspect was the white trim around the edges of a solid colored navy. The hardware is gold toned but has a brushed finish so it won’t show scuffs and scratches as readily. The long strap makes it easy to be worn cross body or over shoulder. I’ve only worn it once and have already received a compliment. Isn’t that nice, it makes all my shopping around worth it.


I actually stumbled upon it by accident when I went to the outlet mall near my home. I was going to purchase the Mitchell bag but was sidetracked by another navy bag on a shelf. I was informed that they just got this handbag in the day before so I had not seen it on previous trips. It was pure luck and while I wouldn’t say it was an impulse purchase I did change my mind rather quickly. So now armed with my new purse I can think about refurbishing my older black handbag, now is the time before winter comes.
The large interior holds all my stuff

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