Monday, May 13, 2013

What to Wear!

Camel slacks and a blazer, love the handbag!

I’m absolutely sure I’m not the only woman to wake up in the morning and start the day by questioning what I’m putting on my body. It is the oldest question in the modern woman’s day, what do I wear today? I would love to be able to say that I have solutions that I have a “go to” outfit that never fails the occasion or is always appropriate, but like everyone else on a Monday, I don’t have many ideas. I guess the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet.


Part of the problem is comfort. If being comfortable is a big part of your motivation then you will make certain clothing choices. Not all of these choices are fit for public display. This can put you in a quandary, especially if you know you have to meet with people or are being seen in public. I know I have a meeting this afternoon so schlepping around in sweats all day isn’t an option. I will be forced to put on acceptable meeting attire along with something fairly errand running friendly.


The perfect slack, Rachel Roy colored crepe trouser
If I’m just running errands I will put on a pair of jeans. Since I have a meeting, jeans are not appropriate on a Monday. It could possibly slide by on a Friday. This means slacks or a dress. The running errand portion of my day knocks out a dress so slacks it is! Camel is a safe bet, so a pair of camel slacks, my leopard print flats and maybe a beige tank top. For the meeting I can add a blazer for the running errands portion of the day I can wear a cardigan. Weather permitting; I can wear a leopard print scarf to pull the look together.


I guess I just need to talk it out. The accessories are probably one of best things to add imagination and style to any outfit. A leather belt, a classic handbag, some pretty bangles or rings and of course that leopard print scarf and flats. If I wear a linen blazer, I roll up the sleeves and this of course is the perfect territory for some stunning bangles or multiple bracelets. I can never turn down an arm party. So now that I have something to wear, I guess I’ll have to get dressed, bummer, my pajamas are so comfortable.
A leopard print scarf adds flair

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