Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What Does Your Style Say About Your Life?

From Frumpy to Fabulous

Everyone has a personal style whether they believe it or not. How you wear clothing and accessories tells a lot about you. Even if you think you’re not into fashion your style decisions are fashion related. It’s kind of like Miranda Priestly’s lecture to Andrea Sachs in “The Devil Wears Prada” that no one is immune to fashion, even Andrea’s decision to thrown on that blue sweater goes all the way back to an idea, a concept that filtered down to the masses.


It was a great analogy about how even a decision to do nothing fashionable is actually a display of our style. While Miranda gave her little speech with a haughty air, fashion doesn’t have to be snooty. Fashion can be and should be fun. Yes, we all make fashion mistakes at times but it’s not the end of the world, unless it involves foreign dignitaries, job interviews or broadcast TV. Part of learning about style requires experimentation in fashion.


You might be trying to hard with these printed Balmain skinny jeans
Fashion should be fun and it is if we don’t let others bully us. I held on to the belief that black and navy were a fashion sin for years. I’m still trying to get over it and let myself expand my fashion horizons. The same goes for tan and grey. I’ve been conditioned to never wear these two colors together. It’s only served to keep me from trying anything new or fresh. For me I have to go slow. Usually I try accessories first as they aren’t an allover commitment. Besides it was easy to wear a tan handbag and loafer with my usual jeans and navy blazer, with a grey sweater no less.


If we allow ourselves to experiment we won’t fall into a fashion rut. Not that having a “go to” outfit is so bad; you just have to allow some sense of style to filter in once in a while. Style is really just our method of dressing ourselves. We can be elegant, practical, wild, edgy, conservative or feminine; it’s entirely up to us every day. We can make a conscious decision to try or look like we just fell out of bed. Either way we are showing the world our style, so what does your outfit say about you?
Always keep it simply chic

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