Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Wedge Shoe

The Maguba brown bologna wedge clog

Don’t know if it has anything to do with my being a child of the 70s, yes I’m that old. I just love a wedge shoe. This was a very popular style of shoe back then and it has carried over to today. Part of the popularity of this shoe has a lot to do with comfort and ease of walking. While everyone else is struggling to get around at a summer wedding with their stilettos punching holes in the lawn, a wedge rides above it.


Another fabulous aspect of the wedge shoe is its ability to add height without adding foot strain. A typical heel is high in the back and lower in the front and used the heel to add height and to make our legs look shapely. The problem comes about when the heel area is small. It is much harder to balance on something small than on something large. A wedge adds the same height in the back but a much larger area to balance. It does a better job of distributing your weight.


Since summer is almost here a wedge sandal is a wonderful alternative to a flip flop or closed toe shoe. These types of shoe are usually a little dressier so they can be worn with dresses or simply to dress up a pair of jeans. Even though they are a heel, many styles are comfortable enough to wear all day and all night. Just look for styles with wide straps or something in a sling back style or with an ankle strap. These features all add stability and isn’t stability one of the reason the wedge is so popular?


Fitzwell Kennedy sandal looks very summery
Of course stability and comfort are important in a shoe but it must have style. I’m sorry to say I’ve vetoed a lot of shoe that were comfortable but looked awful. I guess I’m not old yet. There is sometimes a fine line between being comfortable and being fashionable. Many women feel a need to suffer for their style; hence those sky high strappy heels. Next time try a wedge, it adds height, makes your legs look shapely and keeps you on your feet. Who could ask for anything more?
For those who work in an office, the wedge pump, love the bow in back

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  1. nice designs and as wedges shoes always meant to comfort , and its looking cozy.