Thursday, May 2, 2013

Summer Perfume

Okay, I might have an obsession

We’re having a heat wave, and man is it hot. In the Bay Area we have a combination of dry terrain, triple digit temperatures and high winds. This all comes together for a high fire warning from the local weather person. There is already a faint smell of smoke in the air. While lounging on my couch I could hear the sirens off in the distance. All this hot weather and stuffy smoke lowers my tolerance for perfumes.


I don’t know if its allergies, hot weather or just intolerance for strong scents, but when the weather heats up I change my perfume. During the winter I wear perfumes that are heavier. Their scents last longer and have a deep note. Sandalwood, amber, gardenia and jasmine all smell seductive and, yes, strong. This seems to work when the weather is cold, not so much when it gets hot.


Fresh brand Hesperides has a citrus fragrance
Do our noses become more sensitive or does the heat make the perfume evaporate differently? It might be a combination of the two. When the weather heats up I switch to something lighter with a more floral scent, citrus is also a winner when the weather is hot. Two perfumes that are hot weather friendly are Fresh brand “Sake” and “Hesperides.” Sake is a blend of langsat fruit, ginger and white peach, very light and refreshing. Hesperides is a wonderful blend of citrus fruits and grapefruit, perfect for summer.


I’m kind of a perfume junkie and I have quite a collection, as the top of my dresser can attest. It kind of resembles the local department store perfume counter. I have a scent for any occasion. I really don’t think this is a bad thing; at least I’m prepared for any possible mood. Perfume can impart a mood when you experience it. Summer has a feeling and mood all its own. Switching your perfume for something more appropriate is not only smart it makes good sense. (Pun intended)
Fresh brand Sake is light and fresh

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  1. I think it's definitely true that perfume's can reflect different moods and times of year. For summer, a lighter scent is definitely a wiser choice and smells great.