Friday, May 17, 2013

Shopping with Wine

I got this on clearance the previous day, $7 what a deal!

I had a mixer last night for a networking group where I’m a member. We have them at various locations. Sometimes it’s at a country club, chiropractor office, bank, restaurant or even clothing stores. We have a really big mix of ladies who are in business doing a lot of different things. Last night’s meeting was in a clothing store. We got to browse around, drink wine and have some light snacks, awesome.


One would think that it would be dangerous for me to combine shopping with wine and it usually is, but I behaved myself last night. Although I did try on some dresses and saw some really cute scarves. I have to say that I’ve been particularly good these past few weeks and while I’ve had plenty of opportunities to shop, I’ve only bought one thing and it was on clearance.


I was super good, I didn't buy a new scarf even though it came with a charm
I actually have something in mind that I’m saving up for come my birthday. I need a new black handbag. I purchased a Dooney & Bourke handbag, the Lucy, back in 2009 and I’ve used it a lot. It is starting to get a little worn. I was thinking that it could go in for a refurbish but then I wouldn’t have a black handbag. This means a new one has to be purchased first and then the Lucy would go in for body work.


My plan is to get something quite different, probably something more structured with short handles. That way I would have some variety in my closet. It is obviously a goal I’m working hard towards because I resisted the pull of a really great dress that was an additional 15% off for the networking group. I have an iron will or maybe I just really want a new handbag, I’m thinking it’s the handbag.
Saving up for a new Dooney & Bourke Florentine satchel

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  1. Good for you not purchasing while "under the influence". Many people would be amazed to know that while shopping in many malls they create a purchasing atmosphere based upon research and studies. Things like music, scents and lighting all play into putting you "under the influence". PS I do like the charm on the scarf.