Thursday, May 23, 2013

One Size Fits All...Really?

Not many people are liking CEO Mike Jefferies right now

There has been a lot of media attention placed on the clothing store Abercombie and Fitch lately. The store doesn’t sell many larger sized garments. They don’t carry any XL or extra XXL sizes. The CEO, Mike Jefferies made a statement that they want to sell their clothes to cool people who have lots of friends. Since this statement was leaked Abercombie and Fitch’s PR people have said the statement was old and taken out of context. A&F still proclaim that they are marketing clothing to a particular segment of the population.


Hey Abercombie and Fitch, last I checked people who wear a large can be cool and have lots of friends! Media reports have stated that A&F doesn’t carry sizes larger than a ten for women. Many potential customers have been hard pressed to find larges in any of their stores. Unfortunately this is common, try and find a large at H&M. I personally have had an aversion to A&F since going there with my daughter years ago while I was suffering from a sinus headache. Between the loud music and obnoxious piped in smells I thought I was going to die.


Plus size bloggers are fighting back
Size is a funny thing. Some people place a great deal of importance on what size the tag says inside their clothing. I personally look for clothes that fit me. I’ve always been a little tall for a woman and when I was younger it was virtually impossible to find clothing that fit my long legs and yet didn’t hang off my body. Now that I’m older I wear a size twelve but always look for a twelve in a tall. While not a skinny Minnie size six, I don’t think I’m fat. My Mom will attest to this and constantly says I look too thin. Yeah Mom!


This is the thing, I can’t wear one size fits all clothing. I have to buy large sized tops or blouses and I usually go up one size to a fourteen tall for jackets or blazers. Take my word for it; I don’t have a big chest. This is why size is so funny; you can’t really tell who would wear a small, medium or large. People think I wear a smaller size and that a garment that says one size fits all would fit me. Guess what, it doesn’t. So to all those retailers out there, just because someone wears a large doesn’t mean they’re fat, it’s just a size after all.
Most models are tall, I wonder if they really fit into these clothes?

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