Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Now is the Time for Deals and Steals

Real leather $41.95 Wilson's Leather Outlet

Okay, I admit it, I love to shop. I don’t necessarily buy anything every time I go shopping and I’m quite particular about what I shop for, but I do love the activity. Sometimes I go shopping just to try things out. I do blog about fashion quite a bit and if you don’t know what is on the market you can’t talk about it intelligently. So every time I go shopping I’m really just doing research. One of my biggest missions when shopping is to find a good deal.


Everyone loves a good deal. No one wants to pay full price and since I have a retail on-line store I have the inside track on what real wholesale pricing looks like, and let me tell you, some stores are really gouging their customers. Not that a name brand isn’t worth more, there is a huge difference between Rolex and Timex but with the advent of quartz watches, accurate time keeping really isn’t one of those differences. So if you’re not into name brands, finding a quality product makes the shopping experience worthwhile.


Faux leather, Forever21 $29.95
Knowing when to shop is one of the biggest boons to deals and steals. Now is the time to buy leather goods. Jackets, gloves and boots are all on sale. After all, who wants to wear leather in the summer? Case in point, I recently purchased a leather moto jacket at Wilson’s Leather Outlet for a mere $41.95 plus tax. Compared to a faux leather jacket I purchased about a month ago at Forever21 for $29.95 this real leather jacket was a veritable steal. Who wouldn’t want real leather over petroleum based fake leather, other than a vegan?


For those leather boots you’ve been wanting all winter now is the time to check out the deals. Many stores are moving out their winter inventory and reducing prices considerably. Check out Zappos.com for great deals. The clearance racks at Nordstrom and Macy’s will also have boots on sale. Yes, they are last year’s models but a classic boot never goes out of fashion. Fashion should be fun and affordable. Sometimes that’s hard in these economic times. Knowing when to shop is a useful skill, use it.
Mia Roam at Zappos.com $62.99 plus free shipping both ways

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