Monday, May 6, 2013

Mother's Day Gifts


Mother’s Day is right around the corner and based on my math, if I send something today it will reach my Mom before the big day. Both my Mom and my Mother-in-law live out of state so I probably won’t be able to stop by for a visit. I know this is probably what they really want for Mother’s Day but a phone call will have to suffice.


Buying presents for Moms can be hard. People’s tastes change year to year as their lives evolve. What was once something that they coveted is not something they can use anymore. For years jewelry was a big thing, and then they both got to a point where they weren’t going out as much and really had enough. I have thankfully not reached that point in my life. Yes, I still think jewelry is a good gift.


You can always send the standards, flowers or chocolates. It is pretty popular unless your Mom is allergic. I like to mix things up and not send the same thing every time. It keeps them on their toes. Besides, my Dad will just be tortured by having to ask permission before he takes one of the chocolates since they are a gift for Mom. Candy and sweets are my Dad’s favorite things; he is easy to buy for on Father’s Day.


So regardless of what you get for you Mom on Mother’s Day remember it’s her day. Let her spend it anyway she likes and if that means spending time with the kids whether it’s on the phone or in person, try and do it. For me Mother’s Day means not having to do the dishes and getting to be in charge of the TV remote, doesn’t get any better than that.
Flowers are always nice

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  1. well, i was totally confused .. and you gave some cool ideas for mother's day.. i think the clutch will be the best for my mom .. love you...