Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Is this an Advertisement or Advice?

Without advice it's just a bunch of red dresses

I get a lot of different magazines each month. Some are fashion magazines, some are home improvement and others are just women orientated. I like all these magazines because they impart information that is useful or just fun to read. I learned that I can keep earrings in pairs by using a button. Place one half of each earring through a hole in the button and voila, a pair of earrings is kept together. I’ve also gotten a lot of great ideas for dinner.


What I find confusing is when a fashion piece is basically a photograph of a model in an outfit, accessorized to the nines but no information as to why this outfit works. I saw a piece yesterday that showed a few outfits. They were quite attractive but the text only explained what the article of clothing was, its price and where to buy it. No other information, was this an advertisement or true fashion advice? Shouldn’t a fashion magazine explain why it looks good?


Keep two earrings together with a button when traveling
Many magazines work hard at explaining the ins and outs of fashion. Why you can wear those pants with those shoes. How two or more colors go together, why polka dots, checks and strips are a fashion faux pas. This is all helpful advice and sometimes the reason that we purchased the magazine in the first place. If an article only said that a cat’s eye was hot and advertised several different eyeliners without instructions it does me no good. Can’t make a cat’s eye without instructions, take my word for it.


Coming up with fashion ideas is very hard work and I understand better than anyone that writing about new trends and what’s hot isn’t easy. I struggle every day, hence this little rant. I just wish that an article that exclaims “Hot Summer Trends” actually tells me why it’s a hot summer trend. After all, how am I supposed to get ideas?
I need a chart that explains how to do it

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