Friday, May 24, 2013

How To Wear a Cropped Jacket and Tunic

A cropped jacket with a tunic

I’ve been exploring fashion myths or better yet, the fashion sins that have been engrained in my brain. Things like never wearing black and navy together, no white after Labor Day and never letting your shirt tails hang out below your jacket. I have to admit the short over long look was a lot easier to overcome than my fear of black and navy probably because I can wear opera length pearls with a cropped jacket and a tunic.


Short over long is generally any cropped jacket or sweater worn over a longer shirt or tunic. This look can be very flattering and doesn’t bisect the body like a horizontal strip. It does add some additional coverage and is particularly useful when the weather still isn’t warm enough to wear a thin or silky tunic all by itself. Those cropped jackets are also great at covering up your arms if this is a feature you’re not fond of or to just to keep them warm if you work in an office.


Cropped jackets are great over dresses if you work in an office
There are a couple of tips for wearing a cropped jacket over a long shirt. First the cropped jacket should fit your body. Don’t go too short, those jackets that end just under your boobs only work for a ten year old who hasn’t developed yet. Find a jacket that hits just at or slightly below your waist. Nothing hip length, and if there is a flare or peplum, it looks best if it is mostly in the back of the jacket. You want a smooth front. Keep it casual so don’t zip or button up. Let that blouse or tunic show.


Second, make sure the tunic or blouse is long, you want it to cover your bum but not so long it looks like a dress. Sheer or silky fabrics work best as it gives a hint of the shape underneath without revealing too much. Finally, make sure you wear leggings, skinny jeans or pants that taper at the ankle. Since the top half is loose you want the lower half to be form fitting. Show off those legs. I think this is going to be my go to outfit for the summer since one minute I’m hot and the next I’m cold. This way I can throw on a jacket or simply take it off. I like things easy.
But please avoid looking like a child's plaything

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