Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Green with Envy


We’ve had some really weird weather as of late. First we had high temperatures and bright sunlight. This made my allergies act up and the weeds in my yard burst into bloom. Then the clouds moved in and rain took over. This helped to reduce my allergies but not the weed population in my yard. It did serve to make things everywhere turn a little bit greener.


Spring is working hard to make itself known. We also all know that green is the color of spring. With the weather going from hot to rain to mild and cloudy, it is truly springtime in the Bay Area. I like to add green to my wardrobe now and then and what better timing than spring? I sometimes get a little too neutral and adding color is the best way to combat these boring colors.


The green in this scarf is so subtle, I love it
Green is considered a “cool” color, but it pairs well with any neutral from cools such as grey and white over to warm neutrals including tan and ivory. Greens can range from bright lime greens all the way to deep Kelly green and even subdued olive green. The brighter the colors the more it says “look at me!” Even if you’re not into bright greens, a khaki jacket, jeans and a t-shirt can benefit from the added color of an olive green pattern scarf.


Adding a touch of color adds a little variety to any outfit. If things seem pretty lifeless try adding some green. A green blouse looks awesome with a white or black pencil skirt and really jazzes up jeans. Accessories really pop when their color stands out, try a green clutch with that little black dress and of course, don’t forget the jewelry. Green beads or gemstones add a lot of pop but won’t overwhelm, perfect for those who work in the office. Try a little green in your outfit; others will be green with envy.
Add a studded clutch in green for some wow in your wardrobe

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  1. I loved your work its really awesome the designing of jewelry is really awesome..