Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Do People Still Wear Goth Clothing, Even in the Summer?

A Goth summer look

As warmer weather approaches clothing styles and colors lighten up. This got me to wondering, do Goth clothing lovers have summer versions of their dark and heavy clothing. Goth or gothic style clothing is marked by its dark and heavy fabrics and designs, accessorized with pale complexions set off against black hair, lips and even nails. Since this style borrows from Victorian era garments there can be a lot of fabric and corsets. Not super summer friendly.


The idea of donning fishnet stocking, or any stockings for that matter, on a hot summer day doesn’t sound too appealing. I know that many women suffer for fashion but I didn’t think heat stroke was really a fashion option. Wearing black on a hot day also makes one bake, add a tight corset and yards of fabric and you have a sauna suit, perfect for losing a couple of extra pounds.


Goth does the runway
All kidding aside, Goth is a fashion style that has been melded into everyday fashion. It of course has been lightened up to give it more mass appeal. A prime example of the acceptance of Goth style is black nail polish. It is so popular you now see it on older women and find it being worn in offices all over. It’s not reserved for the fashion or recording industry. Go out today and I bet you’ll find at least one person wearing black or extremely dark nail polish. If you go to the mall you’ll find ten.


It’s amazing how something so unusual and has almost a cult following finds its way into mainstream fashion over time. That’s how fashion works, the unusual and out of the ordinary finds its way in and is considered avant garde. A few tweaks here and there and within a year or two its gracing the racks at JC Penney or Target. So the next time you see someone wearing something really outrageous remember, it might just be one end of the spectrum and soon it will become a trend.
Chanel makes black nail polish

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