Monday, May 20, 2013

Can You Wear Navy and Black Together?

Add some grey to your navy and black outfit for balance

I grew up in the era where you couldn’t wear navy and black. If you did you were committing a serious fashion faux pas. Since then, it has become an acceptable fashion practice although I’m still struggling with the concept. Since I love navy and I also love black it would probably behoove me to figure out how to wear them together. These are the two largest color categories in my closet.


So like anyone hell-bent on doing something and finding out how to justify their decision I did some research. I found out that wearing navy and black together doesn’t make one a social outcast as was once the custom. There are some rules for wearing these colors together so you just can’t throw together a pair of black pants with a navy blazer and head to the door. The first rule is “don’t look like you got dressed in the dark.”


My favorite outfit styled in navy and black
The shades of navy and black are very important. The navy must be a bluish almost purple toned navy in order to pair well with the black. A dark navy with an equally dark black looks odd, use natural light to determine your colors. Second rule is mix in other colors or patterns to tone down the look. You can add grey into the mix or white to act as a buff against the black. Think white and navy blue striped sweater with jeans and a black blazer. A grey dress with a navy sweater and black shoes and handbag also works. Red is also a great equalizer, a navy sweater worn over a red or red striped skirt with a black jacket mixes well.


The reason I’m thinking about this combination is because of my need for a new black handbag. If I buy another black handbag and have the old one refurbished then I have two. The problem comes about because during the refurbishing process I won’t have any black handbags unless I buy another, but who wants to buy more of the same when it’s so expensive? I’m thinking navy and in particular a purplish navy blue. This just might work as long as I’m willing to overlook a long held and antiquated fashion belief. I guess it’s time for me to try the navy blue and black combination. Need to teach this old dog a new trick.
Dooney & Bourke Florentine leather satchel, the navy is purple toned

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