Friday, May 31, 2013

Legging are Super Versatile

My favorite

Leggings are a funny garment. They can be comfortable, easy to wear, dressed up or down and through it all they can go hideously wrong. They can be too heavy, slide down your derriere, strangle your ankles or worst of all, show the world your underwear. This was a recent problem with a yoga pant available at Lululemon. Apparently a shipment of Luon yoga pants was far too revealing and gave patrons of this practice an opportunity to put on a show.


The problem with leggings is getting the right fabric and the right fit. You want them to be snug but not constricting. Make sure you purchase the correct size, too small and you might spend a lot of time trying to keep that crotch where it belongs. Too large leggings will sag or bag and not give you that form fitted look. The waist band is also important; it should be wide and sit comfortably. Leggings are similar to footless tights and should feel comfortable but give you more coverage.


Love the pop of yellow in the tote
Leggings look best when they’re paired with a tunic or dress that has some volume to balance out the slimness on the bottom half of your body. Leggings are the best thing to wear with all those dresses that look too short. I’ve seen quite a few in the store and thought they would be perfect if they were just longer, wear them with leggings and now it works. Coverage is the key when wearing leggings, make sure your bottom and front are covered, no overexposure.


I have to admit I love the look and feel of leggings. They’re comfortable and I can dress them up with some quick accessory and jewelry changes. I’ve found the perfect (for me) leggings at They come with a tall inseam and have a really comfortable wide waistband. I don’t have to struggle to keep them up and the material is just thick enough to smooth out my imperfections, kind of like Spanx. The price isn’t too bad at $19.99 and so far they have held up to machine washings with no pilling or snagging. I highly recommend this versatile garment, perfect to wear all summer.
I have this shirt, sandals and purse, now I just need the bangles

Thursday, May 30, 2013

What I Want Right Now

I need a few of these...

Yes, this sounds a little spoiled but I read a lot of blogs and everyone has been describing what they want for spring, what they’re loving that’s new and a host of other baubles and fashions that have plucked at their heart strings. This has got me thinking that I need to make up my own favorite things list. While I’m sure that given enough time, money and greed, I could come up with an endless list. Since I don't have endless time or money I won't make an endless list, instead I will be thinking about what would complete or update my current wardrobe.


Stackable bracelets, believe it or not, I don’t own a set of bangles. I have quite a few bracelets but they consist of bead style charm bracelets, diamond tennis and some beautiful gemstone bracelets. While all of these are beautiful I think I’m missing out on the arm party. I’m not apt to wear them stacked one on top of the other for fear of scratching an expensive bracelet. I think it’s time to go shop around for some simple sterling silver bangles, leather straps or stainless steel. They’re quite affordable and look great together.

Michael Kors is tempting me...
If you’ve been reading my past blogs you know that I’m looking for a navy blue handbag. This is a more summery version of my black handbag. I’m also trying to be more daring and not succumb to the fashion myth of not wearing black with navy. So far I’ve found quite a few contenders. A few are at Dooney & Bourke, of course, and there is a Dooney & Bourke at the Paragon Outlets near my home so the price is right. Kind of a win/win situation, just have to decide which one will come home with me. Although the call of Michael Kors has been strong this week. So hard to decide.


Finally I would love to have a black sheath dress and a pair of washable black slacks. While I have a pair of really great black slacks they are not washable and far too expensive to experiment on with hand washing. I would love to have these in a washable version and I know just where to get them. I need to get up off my butt and do it. I also can’t believe that I don’t own a black sheath dress, this is blasphemy. Since I’ve lost some weight my black wrap dress doesn’t fit so well, it hangs all wrong. I think it’s time to invest in a classic and who doesn’t have a little black dress in their wardrobe, apparently me. A simple list, let's see if I can complete it.
Can't believe I don't own a little black dress that fits...

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What Happens in the Dressing Room

Dressing rooms remind me of Poltergeist

We’ve all had those moments when shopping. We needed a dress for a special event, a new pair of jeans or even a blouse. So we head to the dressing room to give it a try. Thankfully, we don’t actually have to exit the dressing room if the garment is absolutely hideous. Although if you bring a friend they will probably be curious and at least ask, this is probably why I like to shop alone. It really isn’t so bad as long as you know what you are looking for and know your own mind.


We all make mistakes in the dressing room. We get seduced by the size on the tag, we discard an item because of the cleaning instructions, and we’ve all purchased something because it was on sale. We either discount a garment based on some preconceived notion or we purchased based on an equally ill-advised idea. All of these behaviors cause problems, either financially, time or blows to our ego. Who needs that, shopping is hard enough without all the pushing and pulling our internal thoughts put out.


Don't be seduced by a sale
Things to remember, just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean it’s a good buy. It has to work with your current wardrobe and personality. Example, I look horrible in burnt orange. I love the color but it doesn’t love me. I wouldn’t take it even if it was free. Size matters, it actually has to fit you. It doesn’t matter what the size on the tag says, if it fits like a potato sack you’ll have to bring it back. Also no buying clothes for the body you think you once had or the one you want. Your body needs clothes that fit it today.


Last but not least, don’t forget about a garment simply because it says “dry clean only.” Some garments that are dry clean only can be hand washed and hung or laid flat to dry. I have several blouses that I’ve washed in my machine on the delicate cycle. They come out great. The key is the fabric, synthetic wash a lot better than one would think. Blends work the best for hand washing; just make sure a majority of the fabric is a synthetic. If the sweater is mostly cashmere, have it dry cleaned. Most importantly, take your time in the dressing room, unlike car sales, there’s no pressure to buy.
This says it all

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Now is the Time for Deals and Steals

Real leather $41.95 Wilson's Leather Outlet

Okay, I admit it, I love to shop. I don’t necessarily buy anything every time I go shopping and I’m quite particular about what I shop for, but I do love the activity. Sometimes I go shopping just to try things out. I do blog about fashion quite a bit and if you don’t know what is on the market you can’t talk about it intelligently. So every time I go shopping I’m really just doing research. One of my biggest missions when shopping is to find a good deal.


Everyone loves a good deal. No one wants to pay full price and since I have a retail on-line store I have the inside track on what real wholesale pricing looks like, and let me tell you, some stores are really gouging their customers. Not that a name brand isn’t worth more, there is a huge difference between Rolex and Timex but with the advent of quartz watches, accurate time keeping really isn’t one of those differences. So if you’re not into name brands, finding a quality product makes the shopping experience worthwhile.


Faux leather, Forever21 $29.95
Knowing when to shop is one of the biggest boons to deals and steals. Now is the time to buy leather goods. Jackets, gloves and boots are all on sale. After all, who wants to wear leather in the summer? Case in point, I recently purchased a leather moto jacket at Wilson’s Leather Outlet for a mere $41.95 plus tax. Compared to a faux leather jacket I purchased about a month ago at Forever21 for $29.95 this real leather jacket was a veritable steal. Who wouldn’t want real leather over petroleum based fake leather, other than a vegan?


For those leather boots you’ve been wanting all winter now is the time to check out the deals. Many stores are moving out their winter inventory and reducing prices considerably. Check out for great deals. The clearance racks at Nordstrom and Macy’s will also have boots on sale. Yes, they are last year’s models but a classic boot never goes out of fashion. Fashion should be fun and affordable. Sometimes that’s hard in these economic times. Knowing when to shop is a useful skill, use it.
Mia Roam at $62.99 plus free shipping both ways

Friday, May 24, 2013

How To Wear a Cropped Jacket and Tunic

A cropped jacket with a tunic

I’ve been exploring fashion myths or better yet, the fashion sins that have been engrained in my brain. Things like never wearing black and navy together, no white after Labor Day and never letting your shirt tails hang out below your jacket. I have to admit the short over long look was a lot easier to overcome than my fear of black and navy probably because I can wear opera length pearls with a cropped jacket and a tunic.


Short over long is generally any cropped jacket or sweater worn over a longer shirt or tunic. This look can be very flattering and doesn’t bisect the body like a horizontal strip. It does add some additional coverage and is particularly useful when the weather still isn’t warm enough to wear a thin or silky tunic all by itself. Those cropped jackets are also great at covering up your arms if this is a feature you’re not fond of or to just to keep them warm if you work in an office.


Cropped jackets are great over dresses if you work in an office
There are a couple of tips for wearing a cropped jacket over a long shirt. First the cropped jacket should fit your body. Don’t go too short, those jackets that end just under your boobs only work for a ten year old who hasn’t developed yet. Find a jacket that hits just at or slightly below your waist. Nothing hip length, and if there is a flare or peplum, it looks best if it is mostly in the back of the jacket. You want a smooth front. Keep it casual so don’t zip or button up. Let that blouse or tunic show.


Second, make sure the tunic or blouse is long, you want it to cover your bum but not so long it looks like a dress. Sheer or silky fabrics work best as it gives a hint of the shape underneath without revealing too much. Finally, make sure you wear leggings, skinny jeans or pants that taper at the ankle. Since the top half is loose you want the lower half to be form fitting. Show off those legs. I think this is going to be my go to outfit for the summer since one minute I’m hot and the next I’m cold. This way I can throw on a jacket or simply take it off. I like things easy.
But please avoid looking like a child's plaything

Thursday, May 23, 2013

One Size Fits All...Really?

Not many people are liking CEO Mike Jefferies right now

There has been a lot of media attention placed on the clothing store Abercombie and Fitch lately. The store doesn’t sell many larger sized garments. They don’t carry any XL or extra XXL sizes. The CEO, Mike Jefferies made a statement that they want to sell their clothes to cool people who have lots of friends. Since this statement was leaked Abercombie and Fitch’s PR people have said the statement was old and taken out of context. A&F still proclaim that they are marketing clothing to a particular segment of the population.


Hey Abercombie and Fitch, last I checked people who wear a large can be cool and have lots of friends! Media reports have stated that A&F doesn’t carry sizes larger than a ten for women. Many potential customers have been hard pressed to find larges in any of their stores. Unfortunately this is common, try and find a large at H&M. I personally have had an aversion to A&F since going there with my daughter years ago while I was suffering from a sinus headache. Between the loud music and obnoxious piped in smells I thought I was going to die.


Plus size bloggers are fighting back
Size is a funny thing. Some people place a great deal of importance on what size the tag says inside their clothing. I personally look for clothes that fit me. I’ve always been a little tall for a woman and when I was younger it was virtually impossible to find clothing that fit my long legs and yet didn’t hang off my body. Now that I’m older I wear a size twelve but always look for a twelve in a tall. While not a skinny Minnie size six, I don’t think I’m fat. My Mom will attest to this and constantly says I look too thin. Yeah Mom!


This is the thing, I can’t wear one size fits all clothing. I have to buy large sized tops or blouses and I usually go up one size to a fourteen tall for jackets or blazers. Take my word for it; I don’t have a big chest. This is why size is so funny; you can’t really tell who would wear a small, medium or large. People think I wear a smaller size and that a garment that says one size fits all would fit me. Guess what, it doesn’t. So to all those retailers out there, just because someone wears a large doesn’t mean they’re fat, it’s just a size after all.
Most models are tall, I wonder if they really fit into these clothes?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What Does Your Style Say About Your Life?

From Frumpy to Fabulous

Everyone has a personal style whether they believe it or not. How you wear clothing and accessories tells a lot about you. Even if you think you’re not into fashion your style decisions are fashion related. It’s kind of like Miranda Priestly’s lecture to Andrea Sachs in “The Devil Wears Prada” that no one is immune to fashion, even Andrea’s decision to thrown on that blue sweater goes all the way back to an idea, a concept that filtered down to the masses.


It was a great analogy about how even a decision to do nothing fashionable is actually a display of our style. While Miranda gave her little speech with a haughty air, fashion doesn’t have to be snooty. Fashion can be and should be fun. Yes, we all make fashion mistakes at times but it’s not the end of the world, unless it involves foreign dignitaries, job interviews or broadcast TV. Part of learning about style requires experimentation in fashion.


You might be trying to hard with these printed Balmain skinny jeans
Fashion should be fun and it is if we don’t let others bully us. I held on to the belief that black and navy were a fashion sin for years. I’m still trying to get over it and let myself expand my fashion horizons. The same goes for tan and grey. I’ve been conditioned to never wear these two colors together. It’s only served to keep me from trying anything new or fresh. For me I have to go slow. Usually I try accessories first as they aren’t an allover commitment. Besides it was easy to wear a tan handbag and loafer with my usual jeans and navy blazer, with a grey sweater no less.


If we allow ourselves to experiment we won’t fall into a fashion rut. Not that having a “go to” outfit is so bad; you just have to allow some sense of style to filter in once in a while. Style is really just our method of dressing ourselves. We can be elegant, practical, wild, edgy, conservative or feminine; it’s entirely up to us every day. We can make a conscious decision to try or look like we just fell out of bed. Either way we are showing the world our style, so what does your outfit say about you?
Always keep it simply chic

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Wedge Shoe

The Maguba brown bologna wedge clog

Don’t know if it has anything to do with my being a child of the 70s, yes I’m that old. I just love a wedge shoe. This was a very popular style of shoe back then and it has carried over to today. Part of the popularity of this shoe has a lot to do with comfort and ease of walking. While everyone else is struggling to get around at a summer wedding with their stilettos punching holes in the lawn, a wedge rides above it.


Another fabulous aspect of the wedge shoe is its ability to add height without adding foot strain. A typical heel is high in the back and lower in the front and used the heel to add height and to make our legs look shapely. The problem comes about when the heel area is small. It is much harder to balance on something small than on something large. A wedge adds the same height in the back but a much larger area to balance. It does a better job of distributing your weight.


Since summer is almost here a wedge sandal is a wonderful alternative to a flip flop or closed toe shoe. These types of shoe are usually a little dressier so they can be worn with dresses or simply to dress up a pair of jeans. Even though they are a heel, many styles are comfortable enough to wear all day and all night. Just look for styles with wide straps or something in a sling back style or with an ankle strap. These features all add stability and isn’t stability one of the reason the wedge is so popular?


Fitzwell Kennedy sandal looks very summery
Of course stability and comfort are important in a shoe but it must have style. I’m sorry to say I’ve vetoed a lot of shoe that were comfortable but looked awful. I guess I’m not old yet. There is sometimes a fine line between being comfortable and being fashionable. Many women feel a need to suffer for their style; hence those sky high strappy heels. Next time try a wedge, it adds height, makes your legs look shapely and keeps you on your feet. Who could ask for anything more?
For those who work in an office, the wedge pump, love the bow in back

Monday, May 20, 2013

Can You Wear Navy and Black Together?

Add some grey to your navy and black outfit for balance

I grew up in the era where you couldn’t wear navy and black. If you did you were committing a serious fashion faux pas. Since then, it has become an acceptable fashion practice although I’m still struggling with the concept. Since I love navy and I also love black it would probably behoove me to figure out how to wear them together. These are the two largest color categories in my closet.


So like anyone hell-bent on doing something and finding out how to justify their decision I did some research. I found out that wearing navy and black together doesn’t make one a social outcast as was once the custom. There are some rules for wearing these colors together so you just can’t throw together a pair of black pants with a navy blazer and head to the door. The first rule is “don’t look like you got dressed in the dark.”


My favorite outfit styled in navy and black
The shades of navy and black are very important. The navy must be a bluish almost purple toned navy in order to pair well with the black. A dark navy with an equally dark black looks odd, use natural light to determine your colors. Second rule is mix in other colors or patterns to tone down the look. You can add grey into the mix or white to act as a buff against the black. Think white and navy blue striped sweater with jeans and a black blazer. A grey dress with a navy sweater and black shoes and handbag also works. Red is also a great equalizer, a navy sweater worn over a red or red striped skirt with a black jacket mixes well.


The reason I’m thinking about this combination is because of my need for a new black handbag. If I buy another black handbag and have the old one refurbished then I have two. The problem comes about because during the refurbishing process I won’t have any black handbags unless I buy another, but who wants to buy more of the same when it’s so expensive? I’m thinking navy and in particular a purplish navy blue. This just might work as long as I’m willing to overlook a long held and antiquated fashion belief. I guess it’s time for me to try the navy blue and black combination. Need to teach this old dog a new trick.
Dooney & Bourke Florentine leather satchel, the navy is purple toned

Friday, May 17, 2013

Shopping with Wine

I got this on clearance the previous day, $7 what a deal!

I had a mixer last night for a networking group where I’m a member. We have them at various locations. Sometimes it’s at a country club, chiropractor office, bank, restaurant or even clothing stores. We have a really big mix of ladies who are in business doing a lot of different things. Last night’s meeting was in a clothing store. We got to browse around, drink wine and have some light snacks, awesome.


One would think that it would be dangerous for me to combine shopping with wine and it usually is, but I behaved myself last night. Although I did try on some dresses and saw some really cute scarves. I have to say that I’ve been particularly good these past few weeks and while I’ve had plenty of opportunities to shop, I’ve only bought one thing and it was on clearance.


I was super good, I didn't buy a new scarf even though it came with a charm
I actually have something in mind that I’m saving up for come my birthday. I need a new black handbag. I purchased a Dooney & Bourke handbag, the Lucy, back in 2009 and I’ve used it a lot. It is starting to get a little worn. I was thinking that it could go in for a refurbish but then I wouldn’t have a black handbag. This means a new one has to be purchased first and then the Lucy would go in for body work.


My plan is to get something quite different, probably something more structured with short handles. That way I would have some variety in my closet. It is obviously a goal I’m working hard towards because I resisted the pull of a really great dress that was an additional 15% off for the networking group. I have an iron will or maybe I just really want a new handbag, I’m thinking it’s the handbag.
Saving up for a new Dooney & Bourke Florentine satchel

Thursday, May 16, 2013

No Maxi Dresses for Me

While this dress is beautiful, it wasn't me

I spent some time shopping yesterday. It’s one of my favorite things and I found a really cute shirt on the clearance rack for only seven dollars. After some quick alterations, I moved some of the bling on the flaps of the pockets, it went from cute to super cute. I was so happy with my find that I decided I would try on some dresses. I’ve always liked the look of a maxi dress when I see it on other woman. Unfortunately, it’s not for me.


I tried on a beautiful maxi dress with a floral pattern that had a watercolor wash. The fabric was silky and the colors were soft and subtle. It had a nice defined waistline and a faux wrap style that is usually flattering on me. At first I thought it was the size that made it look odd so I went one size down, nope that wasn’t it, the dress just didn’t look good on me.


This is probably more me...
I discovered that my best feature is my legs. Without my legs I look squat, stumpy and just downright short. Just to let you know, I’m not short and with heels I can be quite tall. This was quite the bummer as it is a look that I wanted to own. Since it isn’t flattering there will be no maxi dresses in my closet or in my future. I guess I’ll have to find something else this summer, maybe a sundress.


The trick with any look is to figure out what your best feature is and highlight it. If you have great arms go sleeveless. If you have a small waist you can wear a brightly colored belt. If you have great legs, go with short skirts, shorts or leggings, never hide your light under a bushel. You’ll probably be much happier with the results if you’re showing off your favorite feature and isn’t that what it’s all about?
Or maybe a silk tunic with a little bling on the collar instead

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Is this an Advertisement or Advice?

Without advice it's just a bunch of red dresses

I get a lot of different magazines each month. Some are fashion magazines, some are home improvement and others are just women orientated. I like all these magazines because they impart information that is useful or just fun to read. I learned that I can keep earrings in pairs by using a button. Place one half of each earring through a hole in the button and voila, a pair of earrings is kept together. I’ve also gotten a lot of great ideas for dinner.


What I find confusing is when a fashion piece is basically a photograph of a model in an outfit, accessorized to the nines but no information as to why this outfit works. I saw a piece yesterday that showed a few outfits. They were quite attractive but the text only explained what the article of clothing was, its price and where to buy it. No other information, was this an advertisement or true fashion advice? Shouldn’t a fashion magazine explain why it looks good?


Keep two earrings together with a button when traveling
Many magazines work hard at explaining the ins and outs of fashion. Why you can wear those pants with those shoes. How two or more colors go together, why polka dots, checks and strips are a fashion faux pas. This is all helpful advice and sometimes the reason that we purchased the magazine in the first place. If an article only said that a cat’s eye was hot and advertised several different eyeliners without instructions it does me no good. Can’t make a cat’s eye without instructions, take my word for it.


Coming up with fashion ideas is very hard work and I understand better than anyone that writing about new trends and what’s hot isn’t easy. I struggle every day, hence this little rant. I just wish that an article that exclaims “Hot Summer Trends” actually tells me why it’s a hot summer trend. After all, how am I supposed to get ideas?
I need a chart that explains how to do it

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Do People Still Wear Goth Clothing, Even in the Summer?

A Goth summer look

As warmer weather approaches clothing styles and colors lighten up. This got me to wondering, do Goth clothing lovers have summer versions of their dark and heavy clothing. Goth or gothic style clothing is marked by its dark and heavy fabrics and designs, accessorized with pale complexions set off against black hair, lips and even nails. Since this style borrows from Victorian era garments there can be a lot of fabric and corsets. Not super summer friendly.


The idea of donning fishnet stocking, or any stockings for that matter, on a hot summer day doesn’t sound too appealing. I know that many women suffer for fashion but I didn’t think heat stroke was really a fashion option. Wearing black on a hot day also makes one bake, add a tight corset and yards of fabric and you have a sauna suit, perfect for losing a couple of extra pounds.


Goth does the runway
All kidding aside, Goth is a fashion style that has been melded into everyday fashion. It of course has been lightened up to give it more mass appeal. A prime example of the acceptance of Goth style is black nail polish. It is so popular you now see it on older women and find it being worn in offices all over. It’s not reserved for the fashion or recording industry. Go out today and I bet you’ll find at least one person wearing black or extremely dark nail polish. If you go to the mall you’ll find ten.


It’s amazing how something so unusual and has almost a cult following finds its way into mainstream fashion over time. That’s how fashion works, the unusual and out of the ordinary finds its way in and is considered avant garde. A few tweaks here and there and within a year or two its gracing the racks at JC Penney or Target. So the next time you see someone wearing something really outrageous remember, it might just be one end of the spectrum and soon it will become a trend.
Chanel makes black nail polish

Monday, May 13, 2013

What to Wear!

Camel slacks and a blazer, love the handbag!

I’m absolutely sure I’m not the only woman to wake up in the morning and start the day by questioning what I’m putting on my body. It is the oldest question in the modern woman’s day, what do I wear today? I would love to be able to say that I have solutions that I have a “go to” outfit that never fails the occasion or is always appropriate, but like everyone else on a Monday, I don’t have many ideas. I guess the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet.


Part of the problem is comfort. If being comfortable is a big part of your motivation then you will make certain clothing choices. Not all of these choices are fit for public display. This can put you in a quandary, especially if you know you have to meet with people or are being seen in public. I know I have a meeting this afternoon so schlepping around in sweats all day isn’t an option. I will be forced to put on acceptable meeting attire along with something fairly errand running friendly.


The perfect slack, Rachel Roy colored crepe trouser
If I’m just running errands I will put on a pair of jeans. Since I have a meeting, jeans are not appropriate on a Monday. It could possibly slide by on a Friday. This means slacks or a dress. The running errand portion of my day knocks out a dress so slacks it is! Camel is a safe bet, so a pair of camel slacks, my leopard print flats and maybe a beige tank top. For the meeting I can add a blazer for the running errands portion of the day I can wear a cardigan. Weather permitting; I can wear a leopard print scarf to pull the look together.


I guess I just need to talk it out. The accessories are probably one of best things to add imagination and style to any outfit. A leather belt, a classic handbag, some pretty bangles or rings and of course that leopard print scarf and flats. If I wear a linen blazer, I roll up the sleeves and this of course is the perfect territory for some stunning bangles or multiple bracelets. I can never turn down an arm party. So now that I have something to wear, I guess I’ll have to get dressed, bummer, my pajamas are so comfortable.
A leopard print scarf adds flair

Friday, May 10, 2013

Unseasonable Weather Fashion

Add a blazer for a professional and warmer look

It is so hard to predict the weather this time of year. There are days that are very warm and days that are not so warm. For the past couple of days I’ve awoken to fog and cool weather that eventually turns sunny. Unfortunately I didn’t figure in the wind chill factor and after going outside I realized it’s quite windy and I need a scarf. Today is another foggy morning, so what’s a girl to do?


Having to adjust our wardrobe for bizarre weather patterns is really a spring turning into summer weather thing. There are a lot of people who work in offices that are blasting the AC especially when it’s hot and sunny outside, so they know what I mean. We also experience a lot of warm beautiful days and breezy chilly nights. These two scenarios can make dressing tricky. May I make a few suggestions?


The white suit is a great summer option, just add a pop of color
First, wear layers. In the office you can look totally polished with a silk print sheath dress with a tailored blazer and structured handbag. If your handbag is large enough you might even be able to slip in a cardigan sweater for a more casual look. You can also still look summery and professional with white slacks, white tank and flats. Just add a pop of color with a cardigan sweater to ward off the chill.


For those occasionally cool evenings try covering your arms and legs. Pull on cotton pants are cozy and cover. Add a long sleeved shirt over a tank and you’re ready to go. A silk scarf tied to your handbag can be used later if the weather gets cooler. A maxi dress is also a good option. Add a cropped denim jacket to keep the look casual and to cover up if you’re feeling cold. Nothing makes date night miserable faster than sitting on an outdoor patio shivering. While our weather is stabilizing, keep a sweater handy, it might save the day.
A great date night outfit

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Print Blouse

Scarf print blouse in bold colors by D&G

Nothing brightens up an outfit more than a print blouse. Prints are really hot this season and you will be seeing a lot of prints in the stores. While I love how a print can change an outfit you have to be careful that you don’t overdo it and end up with print overload. Print overload is when you have prints and patterns from head to toe. Trust me; you never want to look like an optical illusion.


A print blouse can be super great at giving an outfit a finished look with ease. It can add a splash of color and interest without overwhelming you. It pairs well with jeans or a classic black pencil skirt. When I talk about a print blouse I actually mean a blouse. Something made from a silky fabric, those wrinkle free varieties, a blouse that has good drape and hangs well. It can be worn casually with jeans un-tucked or tucked in nice and neat with slacks.


A more subtle print on the sleeves of this 3.1 Phillip Lim
I’m particularly fond of a bold scarf patterned blouse that can be worn with skinny jeans. This style of blouse has a little more length so it can cover your trouble spots. It should hang loose from your chest to just below your hips, but don’t confuse loose with big. The blouse should follow your body without any clinging but you shouldn’t be swimming inside of it. Don’t make the mistake of buying one size larger because you think this will hide flaws around your middle, you want to be able to tuck it into a pair of pants or skirt if needed and extra fabric will make this look too bulky and sloppy.


A print blouse is also a great transition piece from winter to spring. You can wear them with a blazer or sweater during the colder months and sans outwear when it gets warmer. A cute print blouse with skinny jeans and sandals makes a great spring to summer outfit, just remember to keep jewelry simple on your upper half. A pair of solid colored gemstone dangle earrings or maybe a ring or two won’t compete with the print in your blouse. Now all I need is some warmer weather.
The look of luxury by Versace

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Green with Envy


We’ve had some really weird weather as of late. First we had high temperatures and bright sunlight. This made my allergies act up and the weeds in my yard burst into bloom. Then the clouds moved in and rain took over. This helped to reduce my allergies but not the weed population in my yard. It did serve to make things everywhere turn a little bit greener.


Spring is working hard to make itself known. We also all know that green is the color of spring. With the weather going from hot to rain to mild and cloudy, it is truly springtime in the Bay Area. I like to add green to my wardrobe now and then and what better timing than spring? I sometimes get a little too neutral and adding color is the best way to combat these boring colors.


The green in this scarf is so subtle, I love it
Green is considered a “cool” color, but it pairs well with any neutral from cools such as grey and white over to warm neutrals including tan and ivory. Greens can range from bright lime greens all the way to deep Kelly green and even subdued olive green. The brighter the colors the more it says “look at me!” Even if you’re not into bright greens, a khaki jacket, jeans and a t-shirt can benefit from the added color of an olive green pattern scarf.


Adding a touch of color adds a little variety to any outfit. If things seem pretty lifeless try adding some green. A green blouse looks awesome with a white or black pencil skirt and really jazzes up jeans. Accessories really pop when their color stands out, try a green clutch with that little black dress and of course, don’t forget the jewelry. Green beads or gemstones add a lot of pop but won’t overwhelm, perfect for those who work in the office. Try a little green in your outfit; others will be green with envy.
Add a studded clutch in green for some wow in your wardrobe