Wednesday, April 10, 2013

You Can Wear Overalls...Not!

Example from, maybe...

I just read an article by whereby you can wear overalls. They do admit that it is tricky and hard to pull off. They included some awesome photos of ways to wear them. Unfortunately I’m still not convinced. There is something Farmer Brown about a pair of overalls that just doesn’t translate well into everyday fashion. Yes, they are like jeans but the bib in front adds an element of quirk that just doesn’t fit.


I had a friend in eighth grade who would wear a pair of shortalls during the summer. They were made of denim and she looked really cute. She had that girl next door look and was able to pull it off without looking like the Farmer’s daughter. I do have to admit that this look was pretty popular back then so she really wasn’t a fashion rebel. I did try on a pair once but due to my gangly legs I looked ridiculous. It does take a certain body type to pull this look off, I didn’t have it.


I think is pushing it here
Now that I’m much older I just don’t see the appeal of overalls or even jump suits. The first problem, how do you go to the bathroom? Any piece of clothing that makes it more difficult to live an ordinary life is generally out of consideration in my closet. Think about it, where will those straps end up if you’re not careful or in a hurry? Use your imagination. Now think public restroom, how appealing is that? I’m not really into high maintenance clothing. If something needs hand washing I sometimes veto it before purchase.


The logistics of bathroom breaks aside; I just don’t see how a pair of overalls can be better than just a pair of jeans. They are both made out of denim, jeans are easier to put on and off and you won’t be looked at weirdly when you wear them. I also don’t see how a pair of heels makes overalls chic; it’s too much of a mismatch. So while may have given a few tips on how to wear overalls I still think they’ve run their course and are better suited for manual labor. That bib does serve a purpose after all, it hold things and keeps dirt off your shirt.
I think not...

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