Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Were 80s Fashions Horrible or What?

Classic Madonna

I watched Desperately Seeking Susan the other night. It was on TV and I was in a couch potato mood. I was totally shocked at how awful the fashions were in the movie. It was as if Madonna has control of the costumes and decided to dress everyone like her, and it wasn’t pretty. While these outrageous looks were fine for Madonna as her character was supposed to be a free spirit, everyone else looked like a caricature.


I’ve never seen so much big hair, tulle and rubber bangles. There is a club scene where Madonna meets the husband of the missing wife, Roberta. Madonna is trying to get her stuff back and meets up with him in order to locate the missing items. She dances around the club thereby showing off the wardrobe of the various club goers. They are as outrageously dressed as Madonna. Unfortunately everyone looks foolish.


I think I was more Charlotte than Carrie
It makes one wonder if those who made these fashion choices during that time period look back on their family photos and say, “what was I thinking?” I would hate to think there is photographic evidence of my poor fashion decisions. I’m sure we all thought we looked cool at the time. Watching this movie was like viewing Ellen Degeneres’ worst prom photos, funny as long as it’s not you.


I know I made some questionable fashion decisions in the 80s, just about everyone did, but I have to admit I didn’t make as poor of decisions as the people in that movie. Fashions come and fashions go but sometimes fashion makes us cringe. Watching this movie was a blast from the past but I had a hard time relating the fashions to anyone I knew. I guess I was just too conservative, thank goodness!
Work out wear was popular clothing choices, egads!

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