Friday, April 26, 2013

The Sheath Dress or the Jackie O Dress?

The Jackie O dress by Black Halo $375 at Nordstrom

There is a new dress in town, it’s not really a sheath dress but it looks a lot like one. It’s called the Jackie O and it’s made by Black Halo. I saw an article on this wonderful little dress but it did remind me of a sheath dress. The designer said she had a problem with wearing pencil skirt and blouses. The combination kept coming undone with the blouse coming out of the skirt, so she combined the two into a dress.


The dress was an instant hit and began flying out the door. The Jackie O dress is similar to a sheath dress with a slightly higher waist and loose asymmetrical neckline. The designer, Laurel Berman, says she wanted a looser top that was high enough to hide cleavage yet large enough for big busted women. She believes it’s the perfect office outfit since it has style and still remains conservative. The top is flattering without being revealing and the skirt is a good length.


The basic sheath dress at for $49.95
The black Jackie O is the most popular, of course, and they keep many of these dresses in stock. The amazing part is that they have sold 50,000 of these dresses so far. Like many popular dresses, they fit a niche in the dress market. Women want a dress that works for both work and play, is stylish and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. The Jackie O dress fits the bill.


What I found interesting about this dress is how much it resembles a standard sheath dress. The neckline is the part of the dress that is different from a sheath dress. The loose draped cowl style neckline is different from the either high or low scooped neckline of most sheath dresses. The addition of a belt high on the waist makes it resemble a pencil skirt; you can do this with a sheath dress also.  The Jackie O is just different enough to make it desirable. My hats off to the designer for finding a niche and filling it.
The Jackie O comes in a lot of different colors

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