Thursday, April 25, 2013

Summer Evening Bag

I want one...

We’ve had a few warm days and it was nice to lighten my load. This meant running errands with nothing more than my cell phone clutch and dumping the heavy jacket. I’ve been actually able to wear shirts without sleeves under a cropped jeans jacket and my flats. No heavy coats, wool scarves or socks and boots. It’s been kind of nice. Lightening up for spring goes for my handbag wardrobe also.


When you go out for the night you probably don’t want to be dragging around your daytime tote. I know that I carry a heavy and large handbag during the day. This is mostly because I have so much to do during the day and I need my stuff. Cell phone, iPad, wallet, sunglasses and of course a host of other doodads that I carry with me at all times. They come in handy especially if plans change.


A straw evening bag is great for both spring and summer
Paring down for the evening is wonderful, not only does it lighten your shoulder, it can lighten your mood. There’s something cathartic about only having the bare necessities with you when you go out. No extra stuff, nothing you need to face an emergency because the idea is to have some fun and you’re not going to be blindsided. To wit, I’ve found some really beautiful evening bags. There are snake patterned bags with snake bling on top and cute straw bags.

When spring comes we need to change things up and an evening bag is great. It’s not a permanent commitment and when they’re inexpensive like these you can try different styles. Evening bags aren’t as expensive as handbags and they come in a variety of styles and colors so you can indulge. Why not go for that pop of color or try something edgy. Besides, it’s only for a few hours and I bet your friends will think your such a fashionista.

Love all the colors of this python bag

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