Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Street Style

Street style Paris

For the longest time I didn’t really think about street style, but it does have an impact on how we all dress. Mainly because it is actually how we all dress that makes street style what it is. I don’t want to be that woman you see on the street who looks like she got up and didn’t give two seconds of thought into how she looks; I want to be that woman who is well dressed. I know this is vain but I like to give a good impression of myself to the world. Yes, the world is judging us by how we look and dress every day.


Entire blogs are devoted to taking photographs of people on the street. These people represent either a particular niche, like youth culture or older artistic clothes horses. They also represent popular culture. What is happening in the fashion world today is how something is worn and how many are wearing it. Street style is regional, age related, and it makes a statement. Sometimes the statement is in protest of the establishment, sometimes its representative of conformity, but it is always very unique to the wearer.


Celebrity street style
Street style is an amalgamation of designer fashion, practicality and personal taste. Many fashion magazines are now devoting sections to those on the street with style. People snap photos of those who look fashionable, talk to them about their outfits and put them in their blog or even magazines. Those with really awesome street style have become mini celebrities. Some are even well known and others are encouraged to follow them. The emphasis still appears to be on large urban areas for the source of street fashion.


Style is a personal thing and it can take years to develop. I know my own personal style didn’t evolve overnight and it’s still a work in progress. Those who look fabulous on the street have developed a style that works not only for their personality but their body type. This is probably why they look so fabulous. A high fashion model is a model mostly because she or he can wear just about anything and look good. Most of us don’t fall into this category. That’s why when you see someone on the street who looks put together, give them a compliment, there was probably a lot of thought going into that outfit.
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  1. I am afraid to look at my street style! I find myself taking less and less care of my public appearance...something I hope to change soon! I really do prefer a "put together" look!