Monday, April 8, 2013

Shopping with a Tween

She did love pink

Many people would say that shopping with a tween girl would be a horrifying experience. They might think the tween would be difficult, have a lot of opinions and generally be negative about fashion, especially on you. I beg to differ. I just spent the day shopping with my niece and I have to say it was totally fun. First off, she is very open fashion wise, and she was willing to look in every store that seemed interesting. Not something I can do with my hubby.


She was also aware of limitations on style and price. If she picked up a pair of super short shorts she knew what my reaction would be if she asked to buy them…not in a million years. I think her words were, “Mom will kill me and then she will come after you.” Smart girl don’t you think? The most fun thing about shopping with my niece was she thought everything looked great on me. There wasn’t anything too young, too old or just wrong. It was wonderful for my ego.


She looked at short shorts and knew they were wrong
There are times when we are all feeling down about ourselves and you can sit for hours reading every inspirational message you can find on Pinterest, but it doesn’t always work. Having long discussions over wine with friends is helpful but hearing that you are awesome from someone who hasn’t learned the art of “white lies” is so much better. My niece is unable to varnish the truth at this stage of her life, so you know what you are hearing is truthful in her eyes.


Now there is the possibility that it is just adult adoration on her part. She’s awesome because she thinks I’m the cat’s pajamas and frankly I try to be. I don’t have to worry as much about molding her character as I did with my own children; I get to have a little more fun. My niece is also quite indulgent and finds just about anything we do together fun. So if you have one, I highly recommend a shopping expedition with a tween, it really opens your eyes to how fashion can be fun.
I did find a cropped leather jacket she insisted I buy

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