Friday, April 5, 2013

Patent Leather

Patent leather wallet by Coach

I’ve never been a fan of patent leather, I hate to say it but it looks cheap to me. I’ve also noticed a lot of shimmer in fashion this spring. Bright and not so bright colors with sheen seem to be all the rage. One of the ways to get this shine is with patent leather. Bright blue and magenta shoes in patent leather not only give you the desired shine but color as well. The problem is I don’t like patent leather, what is a girl to do?


Patent leather handbag
Eons ago patent leather used extremely high grade leather that was processed with linseed oil and other chemicals to give it its characteristic shine. The process seemed long and drawn out and items made from patent leather were usually used for formal occasions. Anything that takes days to prepare before you even begin construction is going to cost a pretty penny. The higher the costs the more likely it will be saved for special occasions, think good china.


Patent leather heels
Today unfortunately patent leather has a substitute. The DuPont Company has poromeric imitation leather which is similar to patent leather but is really a synthetic. While it has a similar look and feel as true patent leather it does take on a rubbery appearance. This may be why I do not like patent leather; I may not be seeing real patent leather but a substitute. Since more and more companies are using imitation leather and other synthetics you have to almost be an expert to tell the difference.


Patent leather headband and maybe...
If you’re like me and don’t love patent leather but want to partake of the trend this season, look for patent leather as an accent. Purses, clutches, belts and even shoes with just a touch of this material will give the necessary shine and shimmer. There are plenty of items to be found and since color blocking is so hot right now I’m sure a color blocked accessory with some patent leather will be easy to find.
just a touch of patent leather in a belt

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