Thursday, April 18, 2013

Neutral Jewelry

So neutral they can be worn anywhere with anything

First off I would like to ask the question, is there really neutral jewelry? This would be jewelry that goes with any outfit. Whether you are wearing a business suit, a white lace dress or denim shorts these pieces will work. It’s the type of jewelry that should go with just about anything. The concept of neutral jewelry might be a myth. There are of course pieces and jewelry styles that have a lot more flexibility than some, this is as close to neutral as we can expect.


Not really neutral...
Diamonds are relatively neutral; this is due to their clear colorless state. Although too many diamonds clumped together are not neutral. They say anything but neutral, diamonds, particularly large diamond or diamond cluster become a statement really quickly. Simple stud diamond earrings can be worn with anything. Most women can wear a diamond ring without question and a diamond tennis bracelet is simple enough for many outfits. Just don’t wear too many diamonds at once. Skip the ring if you wear the bracelet.


Some of the most neutral pieces of jewelry are usually metals. White or yellow gold chains, stainless steel and sterling silver fashioned into simple necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings blend well and add a little shine. Most jewelry can be considered neutral but a lot of that neutrality goes towards quantity and size. Keep the items delicate and tasteful. If you wear a thicker necklace, stay away from heavy earrings or bracelet, nothing that dangles. Small stud earrings and a watch are all that is needed.


This necklace can be tastefully worn with just about anything...
There are places where neutral jewelry is a must. If you work in a professional field that does not allow a great deal of creativity you want to keep it simple. If there isn’t anyone else wearing feathers drop earrings and a pink streak in their hair you probably shouldn’t be the first. But who wants to dress like a bore? Simple, tasteful and well-ordered are always neutral; just make sure it has a little shine because a girl’s got to have her bling.
Just don't overdo it, although it works for Mr. T

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  1. Great earrings! It is classic, elegant I have always been fascinated by the interesting designs of those jewelery pieces.