Monday, April 1, 2013

Duct Tape Clothing

I'd like to see Red Green do this with duct tape

Years ago I found a TV program from Canada called “The Red Green Show.” It chronicled the adventures of a Red Green who lives in a small town with a bunch of crazy characters. They were really just a bunch of guys who enjoyed fishing, hunting and fixing things with duct tape. The tape was of the usual silver variety and every week Red Green had a segment where he showed us how to fix a common problem with duct tape, it was quite creative and funny.


Although Red was creative with his duct tape usage, I will have to say that he isn’t as creative as some of the kids who have been making duct tape prom clothing. I remember my kids making wallets out of duct tape and thought that was clever. Now kids are making entire outfits out of the stuff. I have to admit that duct tape has also evolved. No longer just silver, it comes in a variety of patterns and colors.


That's quite a dress
Some of these outfits are so good that they don’t look like they were made from duct tape. Others unfortunately look like something from a low budget science fiction movie made by a group of middle school film wannabes. Those that are excellent can even be entered into a contest. Apparently there is a scholarship contest whereby the best duct tape garment can win money in the form of a scholarship. How great is that?


Now that prom season is here, we will probably see a lot of creative students making the ultimate duct tape outfits. I’m hoping that some of them go into fashion because if they can make duct tape look good, think what they can do with fabric. Creativity is a gift and far too few people with this gift use it. My hats off to all those intrepid students going to the prom in a homemade dress of duct tape. Wear it proudly, it is definitely one of a kind.
His and her's duct tape outfits

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