Monday, April 22, 2013

Convertible Jewelry

Louis Vuitton Galaxie Choker, the ultimate convertible jewelry at $585,000.00

Convertible jewelry can be those pieces that can be taken apart and put back together in another way. They are necklaces that come apart and can be made into two bracelets or pendants that can become earrings. They can be rings and pendants with centers that pop out and can be replaced with the ornamentation of your choice. Most are not super expensive and some come with carrying cases or special jewelry boxes to carry your pieces.


A while back there was a lawsuit between Kameleon and another company, I thought it was Jewel Pops but now I’ve notice that Kameleon is naming their pieces Jewel Pops. Not sure if Kameleon won and is now using that name or if they bought out Jewel Pops. The jewelry industry can be quite vicious when it comes to branding and they don’t take kindly to someone else using their idea or design.


Affordable Kameleon convertible jewelry
It’s not only the affordable companies that are getting into the convertible jewelry business. Many companies that craft fabulously expensive pieces have made convertible jewelry for years. The rich and famous want to have versatility also. Louis Vuitton has introduced the Galaxie Choker, it is made of 18kt white gold and has 990 white diamonds. The price is $585.000.00 so the average jewelry lover may have to save for a while.


Regardless of your budget, convertible jewelry is great because it can change. It can become something else thereby extending your jewelry wardrobe. If you shop in the high end of the price scale this is particularly important since you want to get the most bang for your buck. If you just love to mix things up, then convertible jewelry is probably for you due to its versatility. I actually don’t own any convertible pieces but I find the concept fascinating, isn’t that what jewelry’s all about?
A convertible necklace, pearls and diamonds are nice

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