Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Beautiful Pocket Watches


We have a lot of different pocket watches in our store. They are good sellers and continue to have a market. Right before Father’s Day and during Christmas the sales of pocket watches pick up considerably. This is good for business, but why are pocket watches such a good seller? Do they have a special power or are they just a beautiful piece of fascinating viewable precision construction?


When you look at a pocket watch, particularly the skeleton style, you see the internal workings of the watch. The small gears, levers and springs turn and twist to create movement. It is interesting to watch this collection of inanimate pieces come to life. A few simple turns of the stem create movement, life and the subtle ticking that mimics the beating of a human heart. This is why pocket watches are loved.


Whether the watch is new or old, they all feel as if they have history. A sensation of lives lived, adventures that have occurred or time that has been kept. There is a sense of romance associated with pocket watches. While they keep time and show us the hours that are passing, they do it in a way that is unique. If you simply want to know the time you can consult your smartphone. If you want know how time feels, pull out a pocket watch.


We recently acquired a few new models and I have to admit that they are stunning. I took them out of their packing to inspect for flaws and to check their operation. A few quick turn to make sure they worked had me enthralled as the watch sprung to life. The internal movement began its work and I held the watch up to my workroom light. I love how it works; it’s really mesmerizing to watch. I highly recommend taking time out to watch time pass within a pocket watch.

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