Monday, April 15, 2013

April Showers Bring May Flowers

A Fox Umbrella

According the legend, prolific rain showers in the month of April will make for a glorious flower surge in the month of May. Since I live in Northern California, it’s hard to say whether we will get rain in April, May or June. We sometimes get rain in July and have beautiful balmy days in January. The only consistency in the weather in the Bay Area is a lack of consistency. This is probably why I keep an umbrella in the trunk of my car.


Umbrellas are a funny thing; there really isn’t a substitute when you need one. They can also be a fashion statement, think about every English gentleman’s depiction in movies. A well-made umbrella was always at their side. They were used for both inclement weather and walking sticks. All of this umbrella talk is because of a recent article about the Fox Umbrellas that can cost up to $1800 each. That is a very expensive umbrella.


The $1800 version comes with a sterling silver handle, this ones a bulldog
Apparently the most expensive in the Fox Umbrella line is the $1800 umbrella but they do have models that run around $150, much more reasonable. While many will cringe at purchasing such an expensive umbrella, if you live in an area known for rain it can be considered an investment in style. Fox Umbrellas are made with quality construction so they resist the dreaded reversal in a strong wind, something that has happened to just about everyone.


While I live in an area that does have a bit of rain from year to year I still would not purchase such an expensive umbrella. It is other accessories that I’m interested in for my wardrobe. Many feel the same way as the article said most people purchase inexpensive umbrellas because they lose them in transit. I know people who do the same with sunglasses. At least I can say I do spend on those because I have never lost a pair of sunglasses. Hope I didn’t just jinx myself.
They even have their own stores

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