Thursday, April 11, 2013

Accessories Matter

Nothing like a little black dress for versatility

All those little details of your outfit matter. When you get dressed in the morning, you can take your outfit from just okay to something superior with just a few accessories. If you’re wearing a pair of pants with belt loops and tuck in your shirt, make sure you have a belt. It is amazing how many people overlook this simple detail. Also wearing a belt can finish a dress. Why not make it look amazing with the right belt to emphasize your waist?


Little things do matter when you’re putting together an outfit. Accessories are great for giving a finished look to your wardrobe but also interjecting a bit of your own personality. The right pair of shoes or handbag can either make or break an outfit. The choices we make with our accessories affect the mood of an outfit.


How cool is this?
If you wear a pair of skinny jeans with a long cotton shirt and add ballet flats and delicate jewelry, you’ll have a feminine look. The same jeans and shirt can be toughened up with leather boots and a cropped leather jacket. Don’t forget some spiked dangly earrings. To take this same outfit out for a night on the town, change to some heels, a cute evening bag and add a chunky bangle or two. Put on a lace tank and use the shirt as a jacket. The same basic pieces and a multitude of different accessories make all the difference.


Think about the clothes in your closet and how accessories give them a finishing touch. It’s the little details that makes you look pulled together. I saw a girl at the coffee shop the other day. She wore jeans, tennis shoes and a grey fitted sweatshirt. Not super unique, except she also put on a scarf and a bright pink bag that matched the stripes in her tennis shoes, she looked cute. It’s the little things.
Another great combo, add some color or not


  1. I need someone to come and dress up my little black dresses and jeans with black blazers....a little bling would complete my look!

  2. We can always play dress up, especially if you have cupcakes.

  3. I like your collection …it is very pretty.Thank you for sharing.