Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Beautiful Pocket Watches


We have a lot of different pocket watches in our store. They are good sellers and continue to have a market. Right before Father’s Day and during Christmas the sales of pocket watches pick up considerably. This is good for business, but why are pocket watches such a good seller? Do they have a special power or are they just a beautiful piece of fascinating viewable precision construction?


When you look at a pocket watch, particularly the skeleton style, you see the internal workings of the watch. The small gears, levers and springs turn and twist to create movement. It is interesting to watch this collection of inanimate pieces come to life. A few simple turns of the stem create movement, life and the subtle ticking that mimics the beating of a human heart. This is why pocket watches are loved.


Whether the watch is new or old, they all feel as if they have history. A sensation of lives lived, adventures that have occurred or time that has been kept. There is a sense of romance associated with pocket watches. While they keep time and show us the hours that are passing, they do it in a way that is unique. If you simply want to know the time you can consult your smartphone. If you want know how time feels, pull out a pocket watch.


We recently acquired a few new models and I have to admit that they are stunning. I took them out of their packing to inspect for flaws and to check their operation. A few quick turn to make sure they worked had me enthralled as the watch sprung to life. The internal movement began its work and I held the watch up to my workroom light. I love how it works; it’s really mesmerizing to watch. I highly recommend taking time out to watch time pass within a pocket watch.

Friday, April 26, 2013

The Sheath Dress or the Jackie O Dress?

The Jackie O dress by Black Halo $375 at Nordstrom

There is a new dress in town, it’s not really a sheath dress but it looks a lot like one. It’s called the Jackie O and it’s made by Black Halo. I saw an article on this wonderful little dress but it did remind me of a sheath dress. The designer said she had a problem with wearing pencil skirt and blouses. The combination kept coming undone with the blouse coming out of the skirt, so she combined the two into a dress.


The dress was an instant hit and began flying out the door. The Jackie O dress is similar to a sheath dress with a slightly higher waist and loose asymmetrical neckline. The designer, Laurel Berman, says she wanted a looser top that was high enough to hide cleavage yet large enough for big busted women. She believes it’s the perfect office outfit since it has style and still remains conservative. The top is flattering without being revealing and the skirt is a good length.


The basic sheath dress at Chadwicks.com for $49.95
The black Jackie O is the most popular, of course, and they keep many of these dresses in stock. The amazing part is that they have sold 50,000 of these dresses so far. Like many popular dresses, they fit a niche in the dress market. Women want a dress that works for both work and play, is stylish and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. The Jackie O dress fits the bill.


What I found interesting about this dress is how much it resembles a standard sheath dress. The neckline is the part of the dress that is different from a sheath dress. The loose draped cowl style neckline is different from the either high or low scooped neckline of most sheath dresses. The addition of a belt high on the waist makes it resemble a pencil skirt; you can do this with a sheath dress also.  The Jackie O is just different enough to make it desirable. My hats off to the designer for finding a niche and filling it.
The Jackie O comes in a lot of different colors

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Summer Evening Bag

I want one...

We’ve had a few warm days and it was nice to lighten my load. This meant running errands with nothing more than my cell phone clutch and dumping the heavy jacket. I’ve been actually able to wear shirts without sleeves under a cropped jeans jacket and my flats. No heavy coats, wool scarves or socks and boots. It’s been kind of nice. Lightening up for spring goes for my handbag wardrobe also.


When you go out for the night you probably don’t want to be dragging around your daytime tote. I know that I carry a heavy and large handbag during the day. This is mostly because I have so much to do during the day and I need my stuff. Cell phone, iPad, wallet, sunglasses and of course a host of other doodads that I carry with me at all times. They come in handy especially if plans change.


A straw evening bag is great for both spring and summer
Paring down for the evening is wonderful, not only does it lighten your shoulder, it can lighten your mood. There’s something cathartic about only having the bare necessities with you when you go out. No extra stuff, nothing you need to face an emergency because the idea is to have some fun and you’re not going to be blindsided. To wit, I’ve found some really beautiful evening bags. There are snake patterned bags with snake bling on top and cute straw bags.

When spring comes we need to change things up and an evening bag is great. It’s not a permanent commitment and when they’re inexpensive like these you can try different styles. Evening bags aren’t as expensive as handbags and they come in a variety of styles and colors so you can indulge. Why not go for that pop of color or try something edgy. Besides, it’s only for a few hours and I bet your friends will think your such a fashionista.

Love all the colors of this python bag

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Were 80s Fashions Horrible or What?

Classic Madonna

I watched Desperately Seeking Susan the other night. It was on TV and I was in a couch potato mood. I was totally shocked at how awful the fashions were in the movie. It was as if Madonna has control of the costumes and decided to dress everyone like her, and it wasn’t pretty. While these outrageous looks were fine for Madonna as her character was supposed to be a free spirit, everyone else looked like a caricature.


I’ve never seen so much big hair, tulle and rubber bangles. There is a club scene where Madonna meets the husband of the missing wife, Roberta. Madonna is trying to get her stuff back and meets up with him in order to locate the missing items. She dances around the club thereby showing off the wardrobe of the various club goers. They are as outrageously dressed as Madonna. Unfortunately everyone looks foolish.


I think I was more Charlotte than Carrie
It makes one wonder if those who made these fashion choices during that time period look back on their family photos and say, “what was I thinking?” I would hate to think there is photographic evidence of my poor fashion decisions. I’m sure we all thought we looked cool at the time. Watching this movie was like viewing Ellen Degeneres’ worst prom photos, funny as long as it’s not you.


I know I made some questionable fashion decisions in the 80s, just about everyone did, but I have to admit I didn’t make as poor of decisions as the people in that movie. Fashions come and fashions go but sometimes fashion makes us cringe. Watching this movie was a blast from the past but I had a hard time relating the fashions to anyone I knew. I guess I was just too conservative, thank goodness!
Work out wear was popular clothing choices, egads!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Blue Lipstick

Lipstick Queen's Hello Sailor

I just read an article about Lipstick Queen’s new lipstick color called “Hello Sailor.” It is actually navy blue in color. Someone from Allure magazine tested the lipstick and found to her surprise that the lipstick was an attractive raspberry color once she got it on her lips. The theory goes; blue and red make purple or a subtle shade somewhere in between. The funny thing is I actually remember a blue lipstick just like this one.


Many years ago I joined a makeup club. This was before on-line stores so it was pretty much a catalog thingy. You paid a flat fee each month and they sent you makeup based on a questionnaire you filled out when you signed up. You were supposed to get colors that matched your skin tone and likes and dislikes. I either filled the form out wrong or they just didn’t pay attention, either way I quit after a short time. 
You would think it would look like this...
I did learn a couple of things, one, brown and purple eye shadows do go together and if a lipstick is blue it will still look good. In one of my shipments I received a lipstick that was blue in color but produced a beautiful natural pink stain on my lips. It was one of my favorites for quite some time, until it ran out and I was never able to find it again.


Now that I know of another I just might have to give it a try. It is a little pricy at $20.00 at the local Nordstrom but it might be worth it. It has vitamin e and if it’s anything like the one I had years ago it made my lips feel soft and moisturized. It was the perfect summertime lipstick because it added just the right tint and it felt light, no heavy gloss for me. I may take a trip to the mall today, maybe they have free samples.
Allure Magazine tester found it looked like this...so pretty

Monday, April 22, 2013

Convertible Jewelry

Louis Vuitton Galaxie Choker, the ultimate convertible jewelry at $585,000.00

Convertible jewelry can be those pieces that can be taken apart and put back together in another way. They are necklaces that come apart and can be made into two bracelets or pendants that can become earrings. They can be rings and pendants with centers that pop out and can be replaced with the ornamentation of your choice. Most are not super expensive and some come with carrying cases or special jewelry boxes to carry your pieces.


A while back there was a lawsuit between Kameleon and another company, I thought it was Jewel Pops but now I’ve notice that Kameleon is naming their pieces Jewel Pops. Not sure if Kameleon won and is now using that name or if they bought out Jewel Pops. The jewelry industry can be quite vicious when it comes to branding and they don’t take kindly to someone else using their idea or design.


Affordable Kameleon convertible jewelry
It’s not only the affordable companies that are getting into the convertible jewelry business. Many companies that craft fabulously expensive pieces have made convertible jewelry for years. The rich and famous want to have versatility also. Louis Vuitton has introduced the Galaxie Choker, it is made of 18kt white gold and has 990 white diamonds. The price is $585.000.00 so the average jewelry lover may have to save for a while.


Regardless of your budget, convertible jewelry is great because it can change. It can become something else thereby extending your jewelry wardrobe. If you shop in the high end of the price scale this is particularly important since you want to get the most bang for your buck. If you just love to mix things up, then convertible jewelry is probably for you due to its versatility. I actually don’t own any convertible pieces but I find the concept fascinating, isn’t that what jewelry’s all about?
A convertible necklace, pearls and diamonds are nice

Friday, April 19, 2013

Leggings and Flats

Leather leggings are super cool

I’m always surprised and how much I wear flats and leggings, it’s such a 80s thing. I feel almost ashamed to wear this combo because sometimes I think it dates me. Flats and leggings are an easy outfit to wear, they’re comfortable, generally better than a pair of sweatpants and if you switch out the flats for a pair of heels at the end of the day, they can go out at night. There aren’t many outfits that fit the comfort bill and can still go out at night if needed.


Today’s outfit, if the weather cooperates will be a pair of black leggings, a black camisole and a baby blue silk tunic. I will get to wear my black cropped leather jacket which is why I’m leaning towards the leggings today. If the weather is a little cool, I’ll probably wear my Frye boots, if things are pleasant, I’ll go with the black ballet flats.  Both footwear options will be kind to my tired feet.


Comfy enough for lounging, yet you can answer the door
It’s the end of the week and I’m exhausted. I really want a day of just lounging around in a pair of sweatpants doing nothing more strenuous than getting Ben and Jerry’s from the freezer, but I don’t see that happening. There is always too much to do, to many errands to run and besides, I think I’m out of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.


So if I can’t lounge around in sweats, I’m going for the next best thing. A pair of comfy stretchy leggings and a loose tunic, if I have to run out on a moment’s notice I think it’s best to try and look presentable. There is nothing worse than going to Starbucks and running into someone you haven’t seen in eons and you’re wearing a pair of sweats. When you can’t dazzle at least you can blend into the scenery comfortably.
You won't be mortified if a long lost friend see you at Starbucks in this outfit

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Neutral Jewelry

So neutral they can be worn anywhere with anything

First off I would like to ask the question, is there really neutral jewelry? This would be jewelry that goes with any outfit. Whether you are wearing a business suit, a white lace dress or denim shorts these pieces will work. It’s the type of jewelry that should go with just about anything. The concept of neutral jewelry might be a myth. There are of course pieces and jewelry styles that have a lot more flexibility than some, this is as close to neutral as we can expect.


Not really neutral...
Diamonds are relatively neutral; this is due to their clear colorless state. Although too many diamonds clumped together are not neutral. They say anything but neutral, diamonds, particularly large diamond or diamond cluster become a statement really quickly. Simple stud diamond earrings can be worn with anything. Most women can wear a diamond ring without question and a diamond tennis bracelet is simple enough for many outfits. Just don’t wear too many diamonds at once. Skip the ring if you wear the bracelet.


Some of the most neutral pieces of jewelry are usually metals. White or yellow gold chains, stainless steel and sterling silver fashioned into simple necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings blend well and add a little shine. Most jewelry can be considered neutral but a lot of that neutrality goes towards quantity and size. Keep the items delicate and tasteful. If you wear a thicker necklace, stay away from heavy earrings or bracelet, nothing that dangles. Small stud earrings and a watch are all that is needed.


This necklace can be tastefully worn with just about anything...
There are places where neutral jewelry is a must. If you work in a professional field that does not allow a great deal of creativity you want to keep it simple. If there isn’t anyone else wearing feathers drop earrings and a pink streak in their hair you probably shouldn’t be the first. But who wants to dress like a bore? Simple, tasteful and well-ordered are always neutral; just make sure it has a little shine because a girl’s got to have her bling.
Just don't overdo it, although it works for Mr. T

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The iPhone Clutch

Silver with cute pink lips

For quite some time my hubby has been carrying an iPhone case that doubles as a wallet. I’ve been envious of this “two in one” case because it makes it easy to just run out for an errand. There are many times that I need to run to the post office or the bank and all I really need is my cell phone, ID and probably a credit card. I’ve also wished for this type of case when I have to go in to the lab for a test. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the essentials right at hand?


I’ve misplaced my ID and Kaiser card more than once and find out after the fact, total bummer. I really don’t like pulling out my very large wallet or carrying my purse for every little thing that I have to do throughout the day. Now I don’t have to worry anymore. I just found the most awesome iPhone case and wallet. Now I know these have been around for a while but I just recently discovered an affordable model.


Classic black is always in style
They come in a variety of colors and the best part is you can access your iPhone while the clutch is closed. Now I know not all iPhone clutches can do this little trick. I can even send a text message or answer a phone call while the cell phone is still in the clutch, pretty nifty huh? It is large enough to hold all my essentials for running a quick errand while many of the smaller iPhone clutches do not have that kind of space. The wrist strap is even detachable!


I will have to mull over which color I would like to use. I like the orange because it has a little sizzle fashion wise and it really isn’t too orange, more of a bronze orange. The whimsical silver with pink lips seems a little more like my personality from time to time. My iPhone case does have a three dimensional leopard on it, but the black case is quite classic and will go with everything and not show wear and tear as easily. Tough choice, but I will just have to try one out soon, they are too cool and I really want one.
Kind of like this bronzed orange

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Gold Plunges


Those in the jewelry business or jewelry fans or even those who follow gold stocks will have noticed that gold has had a significant drop in price. This can be good and this can be bad. It all depends on how you look at it and where your interests lie. If you purchased gold as an investment, you may be losing part of that invest right now. If you are a jewelry store owner who purchased inventory while gold was high, you might have trouble moving stock as prices drop.


On the other hand, if you are a jewelry junkie like me, when gold drops it makes it a much more affordable option. For quite a few years gold has enjoyed continued run ups in price. It became more expensive than platinum at one point not too long ago. A simple gold chain became outrageously priced and for many unaffordable. This was a particular bummer if you needed to replace a chain that had broken. Although the high price of gold did spawn a lot of gold buying “rip-off” joints for those broken chains.


The high price of gold also fueled an interest in alternative metals and creative jewelry design that was not as dependent on gold as the main ingredient. Designers were particularly creative with stainless steel, fabric and leather. It was fashionable to wear something edgy and avant garde. It also helped to increase the popularity and acceptance of fine fashion jewelry. Some may call it costume jewelry, but in many cases it is well made fashion jewelry using sterling silver and semiprecious gems, not exactly costume jewelry.


While gold has been slowly dropping for a while now, no one predicted the huge drop that was seen over the past week. Even The Wall Street Journal was surprised by how far gold had dropped; it actually hit $1369.00 in trading at one point. Gold is down close to 9% over the past year and approximately 13.5% over the past 30 days. Unfortunately we won’t see substantial changes in gold jewelry for quite some time as current inventory represents past pricing, but if you’re patient you might see some good news in gold jewelry pricing come the fall.

Monday, April 15, 2013

April Showers Bring May Flowers

A Fox Umbrella

According the legend, prolific rain showers in the month of April will make for a glorious flower surge in the month of May. Since I live in Northern California, it’s hard to say whether we will get rain in April, May or June. We sometimes get rain in July and have beautiful balmy days in January. The only consistency in the weather in the Bay Area is a lack of consistency. This is probably why I keep an umbrella in the trunk of my car.


Umbrellas are a funny thing; there really isn’t a substitute when you need one. They can also be a fashion statement, think about every English gentleman’s depiction in movies. A well-made umbrella was always at their side. They were used for both inclement weather and walking sticks. All of this umbrella talk is because of a recent article about the Fox Umbrellas that can cost up to $1800 each. That is a very expensive umbrella.


The $1800 version comes with a sterling silver handle, this ones a bulldog
Apparently the most expensive in the Fox Umbrella line is the $1800 umbrella but they do have models that run around $150, much more reasonable. While many will cringe at purchasing such an expensive umbrella, if you live in an area known for rain it can be considered an investment in style. Fox Umbrellas are made with quality construction so they resist the dreaded reversal in a strong wind, something that has happened to just about everyone.


While I live in an area that does have a bit of rain from year to year I still would not purchase such an expensive umbrella. It is other accessories that I’m interested in for my wardrobe. Many feel the same way as the article said most people purchase inexpensive umbrellas because they lose them in transit. I know people who do the same with sunglasses. At least I can say I do spend on those because I have never lost a pair of sunglasses. Hope I didn’t just jinx myself.
They even have their own stores

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Right (Under) Stuff

Yummie Tummies slims you down

I know I don’t think about it too often, but recently I’ve been more aware of my underwear. This is not because I will be showing it more but because it seems to be visible. You know the old visible panty line thing. I put off laundry day since things have been so crazy lately and had to wear a pair of panties that I just didn’t like or feel comfortable wearing. Turns out it was more than comfort at stake.


Underwear or what we wear under our clothing starts to move further and further from our consciousness the older we get, we start taking it for granted. This isn’t a good idea because we need more support and smoothing as we age. It is the rare woman who can put on a body skimming dress without some form of body wear. Okay, so maybe Jane Fonda looks awesome at 75 in a tight evening gown, but the rest of us need more help.


Jane Fonda looks fabulous at any age
While body shapers or body wear can be expensive it is worth the investment. No matter what your size or shape, you can always benefit from looking smoother. The right undergarments will make you look taller, slimmer and smoother in anything you put on over it. This is an unfortunate truth, how you look in a garment is really dependent on what you are wearing underneath. An old bra without support will only be emphasized once you put on that top or dress.


I unfortunately see this problem quite frequently; ill-fitting undergarments that make clothing look odd. I experienced it myself just this week and I vow to be more conscious of this from now on. I don’t think I’m going to go nuts and go out and buy all new underwear, but it does have a lifespan and maybe it’s time to think about replacing a few pairs at a time. After all, I do want to look my best and that usually starts with what is underneath.
Thank goodness this is no longer fashionable

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Accessories Matter

Nothing like a little black dress for versatility

All those little details of your outfit matter. When you get dressed in the morning, you can take your outfit from just okay to something superior with just a few accessories. If you’re wearing a pair of pants with belt loops and tuck in your shirt, make sure you have a belt. It is amazing how many people overlook this simple detail. Also wearing a belt can finish a dress. Why not make it look amazing with the right belt to emphasize your waist?


Little things do matter when you’re putting together an outfit. Accessories are great for giving a finished look to your wardrobe but also interjecting a bit of your own personality. The right pair of shoes or handbag can either make or break an outfit. The choices we make with our accessories affect the mood of an outfit.


How cool is this?
If you wear a pair of skinny jeans with a long cotton shirt and add ballet flats and delicate jewelry, you’ll have a feminine look. The same jeans and shirt can be toughened up with leather boots and a cropped leather jacket. Don’t forget some spiked dangly earrings. To take this same outfit out for a night on the town, change to some heels, a cute evening bag and add a chunky bangle or two. Put on a lace tank and use the shirt as a jacket. The same basic pieces and a multitude of different accessories make all the difference.


Think about the clothes in your closet and how accessories give them a finishing touch. It’s the little details that makes you look pulled together. I saw a girl at the coffee shop the other day. She wore jeans, tennis shoes and a grey fitted sweatshirt. Not super unique, except she also put on a scarf and a bright pink bag that matched the stripes in her tennis shoes, she looked cute. It’s the little things.
Another great combo, add some color or not

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

You Can Wear Overalls...Not!

Example from Fashionista.com, maybe...

I just read an article by Fashionista.com whereby you can wear overalls. They do admit that it is tricky and hard to pull off. They included some awesome photos of ways to wear them. Unfortunately I’m still not convinced. There is something Farmer Brown about a pair of overalls that just doesn’t translate well into everyday fashion. Yes, they are like jeans but the bib in front adds an element of quirk that just doesn’t fit.


I had a friend in eighth grade who would wear a pair of shortalls during the summer. They were made of denim and she looked really cute. She had that girl next door look and was able to pull it off without looking like the Farmer’s daughter. I do have to admit that this look was pretty popular back then so she really wasn’t a fashion rebel. I did try on a pair once but due to my gangly legs I looked ridiculous. It does take a certain body type to pull this look off, I didn’t have it.


I think Fashionista.com is pushing it here
Now that I’m much older I just don’t see the appeal of overalls or even jump suits. The first problem, how do you go to the bathroom? Any piece of clothing that makes it more difficult to live an ordinary life is generally out of consideration in my closet. Think about it, where will those straps end up if you’re not careful or in a hurry? Use your imagination. Now think public restroom, how appealing is that? I’m not really into high maintenance clothing. If something needs hand washing I sometimes veto it before purchase.


The logistics of bathroom breaks aside; I just don’t see how a pair of overalls can be better than just a pair of jeans. They are both made out of denim, jeans are easier to put on and off and you won’t be looked at weirdly when you wear them. I also don’t see how a pair of heels makes overalls chic; it’s too much of a mismatch. So while Fashionista.com may have given a few tips on how to wear overalls I still think they’ve run their course and are better suited for manual labor. That bib does serve a purpose after all, it hold things and keeps dirt off your shirt.
I think not...

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Street Style

Street style Paris

For the longest time I didn’t really think about street style, but it does have an impact on how we all dress. Mainly because it is actually how we all dress that makes street style what it is. I don’t want to be that woman you see on the street who looks like she got up and didn’t give two seconds of thought into how she looks; I want to be that woman who is well dressed. I know this is vain but I like to give a good impression of myself to the world. Yes, the world is judging us by how we look and dress every day.


Entire blogs are devoted to taking photographs of people on the street. These people represent either a particular niche, like youth culture or older artistic clothes horses. They also represent popular culture. What is happening in the fashion world today is how something is worn and how many are wearing it. Street style is regional, age related, and it makes a statement. Sometimes the statement is in protest of the establishment, sometimes its representative of conformity, but it is always very unique to the wearer.


Celebrity street style
Street style is an amalgamation of designer fashion, practicality and personal taste. Many fashion magazines are now devoting sections to those on the street with style. People snap photos of those who look fashionable, talk to them about their outfits and put them in their blog or even magazines. Those with really awesome street style have become mini celebrities. Some are even well known and others are encouraged to follow them. The emphasis still appears to be on large urban areas for the source of street fashion.


Style is a personal thing and it can take years to develop. I know my own personal style didn’t evolve overnight and it’s still a work in progress. Those who look fabulous on the street have developed a style that works not only for their personality but their body type. This is probably why they look so fabulous. A high fashion model is a model mostly because she or he can wear just about anything and look good. Most of us don’t fall into this category. That’s why when you see someone on the street who looks put together, give them a compliment, there was probably a lot of thought going into that outfit.
Street style Malibu

Monday, April 8, 2013

Shopping with a Tween

She did love pink

Many people would say that shopping with a tween girl would be a horrifying experience. They might think the tween would be difficult, have a lot of opinions and generally be negative about fashion, especially on you. I beg to differ. I just spent the day shopping with my niece and I have to say it was totally fun. First off, she is very open fashion wise, and she was willing to look in every store that seemed interesting. Not something I can do with my hubby.


She was also aware of limitations on style and price. If she picked up a pair of super short shorts she knew what my reaction would be if she asked to buy them…not in a million years. I think her words were, “Mom will kill me and then she will come after you.” Smart girl don’t you think? The most fun thing about shopping with my niece was she thought everything looked great on me. There wasn’t anything too young, too old or just wrong. It was wonderful for my ego.


She looked at short shorts and knew they were wrong
There are times when we are all feeling down about ourselves and you can sit for hours reading every inspirational message you can find on Pinterest, but it doesn’t always work. Having long discussions over wine with friends is helpful but hearing that you are awesome from someone who hasn’t learned the art of “white lies” is so much better. My niece is unable to varnish the truth at this stage of her life, so you know what you are hearing is truthful in her eyes.


Now there is the possibility that it is just adult adoration on her part. She’s awesome because she thinks I’m the cat’s pajamas and frankly I try to be. I don’t have to worry as much about molding her character as I did with my own children; I get to have a little more fun. My niece is also quite indulgent and finds just about anything we do together fun. So if you have one, I highly recommend a shopping expedition with a tween, it really opens your eyes to how fashion can be fun.
I did find a cropped leather jacket she insisted I buy

Friday, April 5, 2013

Patent Leather

Patent leather wallet by Coach

I’ve never been a fan of patent leather, I hate to say it but it looks cheap to me. I’ve also noticed a lot of shimmer in fashion this spring. Bright and not so bright colors with sheen seem to be all the rage. One of the ways to get this shine is with patent leather. Bright blue and magenta shoes in patent leather not only give you the desired shine but color as well. The problem is I don’t like patent leather, what is a girl to do?


Patent leather handbag
Eons ago patent leather used extremely high grade leather that was processed with linseed oil and other chemicals to give it its characteristic shine. The process seemed long and drawn out and items made from patent leather were usually used for formal occasions. Anything that takes days to prepare before you even begin construction is going to cost a pretty penny. The higher the costs the more likely it will be saved for special occasions, think good china.


Patent leather heels
Today unfortunately patent leather has a substitute. The DuPont Company has poromeric imitation leather which is similar to patent leather but is really a synthetic. While it has a similar look and feel as true patent leather it does take on a rubbery appearance. This may be why I do not like patent leather; I may not be seeing real patent leather but a substitute. Since more and more companies are using imitation leather and other synthetics you have to almost be an expert to tell the difference.


Patent leather headband and maybe...
If you’re like me and don’t love patent leather but want to partake of the trend this season, look for patent leather as an accent. Purses, clutches, belts and even shoes with just a touch of this material will give the necessary shine and shimmer. There are plenty of items to be found and since color blocking is so hot right now I’m sure a color blocked accessory with some patent leather will be easy to find.
just a touch of patent leather in a belt