Friday, March 22, 2013

Wear Yellow in Spring

Who can resist yellow Louis Vuitton

Yellow is a hot color right now. There was a lot of it on the runways at New York Fashion Week and the spring 2013 collections. Now not all yellows are created equal and there are great variations in the tone of the color. There are bright yellows that appear to have neon lights shining from within. There are mellow yellows that have just a hint of a yellow color and there are deeply saturated yellows like daffodil.


The great thing about color is the ability to match any personality and individual taste. I like yellow but I don’t look really good in bright yellows. I need either the subtlety of a lemon yellow or a deep yellow. Those neon yellows look bad on me. Although there are people who really look good in bright yellow, my mother is one. She can put on a bright yellow sweater and it really makes her skin glow. This is how you know you have the right color.

Everything has a touch of yellow
If you like yellow but don’t feel comfortable in it, try an accessory. Brightly colored handbags are all the rage this season. You can also wear some jewelry with yellow. Amber has some wonderful yellow and orange tones so the color won’t overwhelm you. Scarves, shoes and hats all come in yellow and make wonderful accent pieces. You don’t have to go out wearing head to toe yellow to indulge in the trend. Maybe you can try a watch with a yellow band and face.


Yellow pairs well with white, black, grey, and even amethyst. Nothing looks more spring like than denim jeans and a yellow shirt, or maybe a beautiful yellow skirt with a crisp white blouse. Don’t be afraid of yellow this season, start off slow and work your way up. I’m thinking maybe some lemon yellow flats or a yellow blazer. It will be a bright alternative to my usual navy blazer and jeans. I think it’s time for a little spring in my life and yellow is the color of spring.
Try just one piece at a time

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  1. Wow!!! yellow is my favorite color.It's nice collection.Thank you for sharing.