Monday, March 4, 2013

The Smart Watch

Pebble brand smart watch $150

I live near Silicon Valley, so near that I could throw a stone and hit a high-tech company, so this makes any new technology news front page news in our local paper. The latest news out of the valley is smart watches. These are little devices that sit on your wrist and tell time, but they also sync to your smartphone to give you updates on email, Twitter, Facebook and text messages. You simply look to your wrist and everything is right there without having to take your smartphone out of your pocket or purse.


The idea seems pretty cool and convenient. You don’t have to fish out your smartphone to read a text message while you’re checking out at the grocery store, or out on a jog. The whole concept, while in production, is relatively new. There are probably some pretty big bugs on the horizon that haven’t been spotted since the product is really that new. Just like any high-tech product you don’t really know what your getting until you’ve been using it for a while. This smart watch is probably the same. They’ll know more once the owners of the first 6,000 have worn them and used them.

 Cookoo smart watch $130

The $150 Pebble brand smart watch began shipping in January and others are hitting the market. Companies from Sony to Motorola are making their own line of smart watches, as well as not yet known startups who acquired their funds through Kickstarter. It should be interesting to see how these watches sell once the word gets out. The only problem I see with this product is its style. The models I’ve seen look similar to a cheap plastic digital watch, not exactly high fashion.


There is also something to be said about a mechanical watch. People wear watches not just because they want to tell time, they wear watches as fashion pieces and also to denote status. The more expensive the watch the more likely we are to perceive the wearer as successful. Many men have a watch collection that they rotate through depending on their mood or outfit, very similar to women and their handbags. So while I find these new innovative smart watches fascinating I’m taking a watch and see position (no pun intended). I’m also waiting for one that looks more like a women’s watch.
Sony smart watch $129.98

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