Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spring Handbags

Dooney & Bourke Domed Satchel $149.00

We are currently having our spring showers here in the Bay Area. While I believe there is one more day of rain forecasted for the area, we should see a warming trend next week. This is one of the beautiful things about living in the San Francisco Bay Area; we get to experience some really mild weather while many parts of the country are still covered in snow. It’s wonderful to have sixty-eight to seventy degree days in March.


While still a little nippy at times, especially at night, these warmer days makes one think about springtime fashions. Clothes lighten up and people are ditching their basic blacks and browns for pastels and lighter colors. I saw a woman taking a walking and she was wearing pink jeans. It is also probably getting to be that time of year to lighten up on your handbag. There are many options available for spring. The usual standards include white or ivory handbags, cloth totes and handbags made from straw or other beach worthy material.

 Michael Kors Straw Clutch $188.00

While I already have a beautiful leather Dooney & Bourke Wilson in ivory, I still crave a black handbag but in a more spring like material. Enter the Domed Satchel in nylon. The nylon is lighter and gives a more spring like feel. Not to mention the price is right. I’ve also noticed that Dooney & Bourke have made these handbags in every color known to man. Usual colors like ivory, brown and black are available, but they also come in red, yellow, baby blue and Kelly green, so many to choose from, it will make your head spin.


I also found a fabulous straw clutch by Michael Kors. I always love his designs. It has simple lines and can be folded over, a hot trend right now. It would make a great handbag for casual outfits as well as office wear. I think it would look great with a beige suit. In searching for spring handbags I found a bag made out of hemp. Apparently it is a material similar to linen and the style is a little bohemian. It definitely says spring and you can always use it as a conversation piece, how many handbags are made from hemp? Don’t you just love spring!
Keen Crossbody Bag $50.00 (It's made from hemp)

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  1. I really like your this spring collection.Handbags really can make a girl feel special and they help to create a look..